Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A GREAT start to the New Year

I completed my 2nd hat for the year and it is only January 1!! LOVE having a head start on this year and on my project. This is an adult male hat done in fall colors, yes I know it is winter, but the colors are so beautiful together! Reminds me of walking through a forest of fallen leaves with the multitude of colors that it brings.

I also made the 1st Journey Journal of the year in a beautiful purple (it IS my favorite color) with beautiful hearts. I may add a touch or two to the inside cover and front page now that I have a fabulous new printer that works!!

I will try to get a closer shot next time, because this picture really doesn't do it justice! If I add any additional touches to the inside, I will post pictures of that also. :)

I hope that every one's New Year has started off as positive and great as mine has, if not, remember that life is what you make of it, don't worry and stress and above all have FUN!!! Until my next update, may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within.....