Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mini vacation and mini blog update.

Good evening my friends! I hope everyone is staying cool, or here in AZ attempting to anyway. WHEW, it is HOTTTTT!!! Record temps for two days combined with increasing humidity, means anytime I walk outside I feel as though I'm melting into a little puddle! LOL :D As my oldest sister Lulu said, "It is hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July!"

Okay, enough about the heat :) My wonderful hubby and I were treated to a little mini~vacation up to the Grand Canyon by my beautiful Mother-in-law. It was wonderful to escape the heat for a few days, even if we chose the wrong weekend to do it LOL! It was for my hubby's 50th birthday, and it was great to get out of town even for 3 days. We went up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and I thought it was beautiful and breathtaking! We were disappointed by the fact that there just aren't enough pull outs on the North Rim. I think there is only a couple, but the colors were more vibrant than the South Rim. I was also able to see a lot more wildlife than I've ever seen in my whole life! I did take the baby blanket to work on, but I did not pick it up once, I was too busy enjoying the scenery and relaxing! My crocheting does relax me, but sometimes it is nice to just not do anything and enjoy the ride! The next day we were visiting the South Rim and then we came back the following day. It was a great little trip.

I had a little trouble the week after getting back into the groove of my crocheting. Not sure if it was just the heat, or being so busy at work that I was exhausted when I got home or what, but wow, last week I just couldn't pick it up! So yesterday and today, I was determined to get at least one hat done for my project! I am happy to say that I did succeed in getting a ladies sunhat done, despite my wrists bothering me! It didn't quite turn out how I envisioned in my mind, but I think it still turned out rather cute!

I think I am just going to have to figure out my phone camera, or maybe the user just needs to figure out how to take better pictures LOL!

Well I did say a mini blog update, and here I am still rambling! I hope to get a man's hat started and finished pretty quickly in the upcoming week so keep your eye's open for that! Until we meet again may the light of God's love help each and every one of you to Glow from Within......<3

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day...

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's, Daddy's, Pop's, Pa's, Father's and even the Mother's who are Father's too! <3 Hope everyone has had a wonderful day, and spent it telling your Dad's how very much you love them and enjoy spending time with them. Some of us are wishing our Daddy's were still here with us, but we wished them Happy Father's Day in Heaven! We all know that they are just on the other side waiting for us. :)

I have been fairly busy this weekend, in fact, I didn't get everything done that I was supposed to get done LOL. But, I did get two hats created and I call them "pinspirations" because I have pinned a photo on Pinterest and then there is no pattern, so I have to make my own from looking at the picture. The first one I call a little girl's Daisy Mae hat, and it is SUPER adorable!! Anytime I do anything with daisy's I think of my oldest sister Lou, because Daisy's are her favorite flower of all time! <3

And next I made a little boy's Blue Dog hat. Now his ears are a tad crooked, but I think that just lends to his charm :) LOL And you can't really see his spots in this picture, but I assure you there are five spots on this hat!

Now while I was busy trying to create my cute little hats, my sister Vicky in Maryland created a couple of Journey Journals, and I just LOVE her creativity!! Can hardly wait until we are on vacation and can have some fun creating and crafting together, it has been WAY too long since that has happened! Oh and lets not forget seashell searching on the beach!!! Oh I am sorry, I just got carried away in the excitement of my upcoming vacation in September LOL Here are her two Journey Journals that she created. She did such a fantabulous job, they are beautiful!!! <3

And here is the second one she created. :)

A very busy weekend indeed for my project! I still have two birthday cards to make, but I think I am running out of time tonight. I might be running out of steam also LOL. That little boy's hat took me all day to make, and I just don't understand how it took me that long. Ah well, some I can whip out really quick and some just take a little longer to create. 
I have had a wonderful donation of yarn and some scrapbooking papers and trinkets for hats and journals from a beautiful lady, and I can never say thank you enough to the wonderful people who have donated supplies to my wonderful project. I am also in contact with another beautiful lady who wishes to help make some hats for the project also. YAYYYYYY!!! :D My deepest heartfelt appreciation goes out to these beautiful ladies for their kindness in donating supplies and their time to our wonderful group! <3
For now, I must bid you all a good evening. Remember you can never say I love you enough, and you can never spread enough love and kindness around! Kindness has a ripple effect, your one act of kindness will inspire that person and so on and so on. <3 May the light of God's love help each and every one of you to Glow from Within.....<3

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Despicable cuteness!

Good evening everyone! I hope y'all are staying cool, for those of us that live in AZ, we either stay inside where the A/C is blowing or find some water aka pool, to submerse ourselves in LOL!

I have two hats finished this weekend bringing me to only 4 hats away from my last years goal of 40! I am feeling very accomplished and proud of myself this evening! I have kept the momentum going and I am blessed and thankful beyond measure for them. I will continue this awesome momentum, even though I have numerous other projects to finish up, this baby blanket being my top priority, as the baby is due in July.....arghhhhhhhhhh, best get busy this evening on that!! LOL Anyone who knows anything about me can tell you that I ALWAYS have numerous things going on at once :)

First up, is the Despicably Cute little boy's minion hat. I absolutely LOVE the minions on the Despicable Me Disney movies, especially the one~eyed minions, they are so ADORABLE!! :) So without further adieu, here is the Despicably Cute Minion hat. A Pinterest inspiration, made without a pattern, just eyeballing it for the idea... :)

You may have noticed my blogs name on the beautiful "rock" beside it? My beautiful sister Vicky and her bff Ginny saw this and sent it to me. I, being the big baby that I am, cried! Yes, she is my sister and I know she loves me and misses me and thinks of me as often as I do her, but it touches my heart and soul that she is proud of me and my passion for my project! I am extremely proud of her for all of her hard work for the Relay for Life that she has done, she just completed her walk on Friday and she exceeded her goal of $800!! I am so proud of you sis, and this is such an awesome accomplishment!! <3

Next up (before I start crying again LOL), is a little girl's Watermelon hat. Another Pinterest inspiration, no pattern and I added a little bow for embellishment, because little girl's need bows :)

I LOVE it! It just makes me feel cool looking at it :)

Now just a few more words before I stop yammering and get busy with dinner and working on the baby blanket :)  I was told one time when I asked someone to check out my blog and what it was about that "I bet it is sad, because you are doing this for cancer patients". I did insist that it isn't sad, but only that person can be the judge of that by reading the blog. I truly don't want my blog to be sad, I write to keep track of what I am doing, because I don't want to forget what I've done and maybe I can inspire someone else too. I sometimes may get lost in memories and write a few of them in here, but I honestly only want to keep a record of what I am doing and of my progress. I choose to believe that those that are meant to read it, will when they are supposed to! And yes, cancer is a horrid disease and takes far too many of our loved ones (one is too many), but there are so many success stories out there! Let's not forget the successes! I have two successes in my own family and friend's circle, so I will never forget the successes!

Now I must get busy on the rest of my delicious dinner for the evening! Chili Lime Cucumbers & Tomatoes, Baked Chicken and Corn on the Cob. Oh, let's not forget Watermelon for dessert!! We must all try to stay cool somehow! :)  Until my next post, may the light of God's love help each and everyone one of you to spread kindness, inspire and Glow from Within.......<3

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Welcome to the HEAT of an AZ summer!

Good evening all! Welcome to our AZ summer (and it isn't even officially summer yet)! When it is this hot, all you want to do is spend it in a pool, which I don't have, OR spend it inside under the A/C. So, guess where I am right now? You guessed it, I'm inside debating which hat is my next endeavor! :)

I have two hats to show off this week. I made a ladies hat and it turned out a little big, but I would wear it! I call this a "Sunflower & Denim" hat, two of my favorite things! Sunflowers are simply my favorite flower and nothing beats a good pair of jeans! I added a few beads to the center of my sunflower and I just simply love how it turned out! What do you think?

I then found a man's hat to work on and finished it up in a couple of nights. It should have only taken me a day, but for whatever reason, I didn't get it finished LOL You know how we women are, we get distracted or get busy doing other "chores", or find something that HAS to be done right away. Anyway, I call this a Swirled Gray man's beanie. I love the contrasting lighter gray on the darker gray. :)

This is a very small update this evening, as I really should get in there and make two thank you cards and get started on my next hat. :) I want to thank all of you who read, follow, comment, donate, or help with this project! You may think just "viewing" my blog and not commenting that you aren't really doing anything, but you ARE!! You were interested enough to stop in and see what it is all about, and maybe I have unknowingly inspired someone else to make their light shine! Thank you from the very depths of my heart and soul! The ripples felt from one small act of kindness is ever widening and ever reaching! Until my next update, may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within.....<3