Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Welcome to the HEAT of an AZ summer!

Good evening all! Welcome to our AZ summer (and it isn't even officially summer yet)! When it is this hot, all you want to do is spend it in a pool, which I don't have, OR spend it inside under the A/C. So, guess where I am right now? You guessed it, I'm inside debating which hat is my next endeavor! :)

I have two hats to show off this week. I made a ladies hat and it turned out a little big, but I would wear it! I call this a "Sunflower & Denim" hat, two of my favorite things! Sunflowers are simply my favorite flower and nothing beats a good pair of jeans! I added a few beads to the center of my sunflower and I just simply love how it turned out! What do you think?

I then found a man's hat to work on and finished it up in a couple of nights. It should have only taken me a day, but for whatever reason, I didn't get it finished LOL You know how we women are, we get distracted or get busy doing other "chores", or find something that HAS to be done right away. Anyway, I call this a Swirled Gray man's beanie. I love the contrasting lighter gray on the darker gray. :)

This is a very small update this evening, as I really should get in there and make two thank you cards and get started on my next hat. :) I want to thank all of you who read, follow, comment, donate, or help with this project! You may think just "viewing" my blog and not commenting that you aren't really doing anything, but you ARE!! You were interested enough to stop in and see what it is all about, and maybe I have unknowingly inspired someone else to make their light shine! Thank you from the very depths of my heart and soul! The ripples felt from one small act of kindness is ever widening and ever reaching! Until my next update, may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within.....<3