Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thankful EVERY day!

Happy Sunday Morning! It is still dark outside and hubby is still snoozing, so thought I would use this time wisely and update my blog and upload pictures to Pinterest, before I get so busy later that time runs away from me. I have sat and tried to figure out where the year went, and I'm still shaking my head because I just don't know....Thanksgiving is next week!!!

A lot of people use this time of year to be thankful and grateful for what they have and the blessings in their lives. I believe we should be this way EVERY day, in each moment of time we should be grateful and thankful for the blessing that moment brought with it. I believe also, that each struggle we go through and each lesson we learn is a blessing too, without these struggles and lessons we would not be the person we are supposed to be. The lessons are valuable, the struggles and battles that we fight every day bring us closer to our true purpose, if we have not discovered it yet. I believe our purpose is to learn how to love everyone, yes...even our enemies. Remember that everyone's journey is different than our own, and their rocks and ruts are probably a lot bigger than what we think.

I try not to jot down in this little blog of my own struggles, but hey I admit, it happens lol. So with that being said, I had been struggling with left arm/shoulder muscle pain for a couple of months now (where when you lift your arm, it feels like you have been lifting weights)....the pain just continued to worsen until this past Thursday. I couldn't even stay longer than an hour at work, couldn't use it to drive and had a hard time turning my head to look out my side mirror on the driver's side. This was even after a friend, who has healing hands and practices Reihki, had worked on it for some time. I'm grateful that my beautiful daughter had the day off, because she was able to come over and work on my shoulder and neck for at least half an hour and bring healing and relief! I believe we may have discovered that she may have the gift of healing in her hands. I have 3 people in my life that has this gift and without them, my own pain levels would prevent me from doing what I do....make a difference in someone's life by making a hat or journal. I'm eternally grateful for them and for the gifts God gives each of us, whether it is physical healing, emotional healing, or the many talents each one of us possess!

Speaking of gratitude, let's show lots of LOVE for The Journey Continues, because there is a LOT of photo's to post from their side of the world! What a fantastic job our east coast division is doing in making a difference in a cancer patients life!!! Here are loads of photo's of the BEAUTIFUL work going on in The Journey Continues!

They are ALL so fabulous!!! I LOVE them, the colors, the flowers, the's all fabulously beautiful!!! <3  Compared to as much work they are doing, my work is small in comparison. I will persevere and continue, even if it may be S L O W going in my own division right now lol! :) Here are the few hats and journals my division has created.

There you have it, all that has been created for our group! I have finished a hat and working on a journal for a friend's significant other who is going through treatments for pancreatic cancer right now. We will take special requests for anyone you may know that is fighting the war on cancer and battling for their lives, just send us a message or contact us on Facebook.

Much love and eternal gratitude for those that continue to support our journey in making a difference in cancer patients lives by bringing a smile to their face and the knowledge that someone cares to their heart! Until my next update, may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within..............<3


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lost a month again

Good Morning all my faithful followers! Somehow, another month got away from me, and I missed updating in September. The older I get the faster time seems to fly right on by! I hope this update finds everyone happy and in good health. When you are younger, it seems like you are so busy living life that you forget to enjoy the little things. As we get older, we realize how short life really is and start to enjoy the smallest things even more. I sometimes sit and think, if only I had enjoyed the little things a little more when I was younger and had more of an appreciation for life itself. I am happy to say that at least I didn't wait until I was "retired" to start enjoying the little things, because lets face it, in today's world....I may never get to retire LOL!

I believe my creativity is coming back, now to MAKE the time to work on everything I want to work on :) I always try to cram so much into my weekend, and only half of it seems to get done. Now with the holidays fast approaching, I am only going to get busier. This is all right, because I will persevere! This was a message given to me by the beautiful angel who inspired this group and what we do. YES, I believe in angels and KNOW with all my heart and soul that they are surrounding us and helping us through each moment of the day. Always look for their signs, ask for their help and thank them for their presence in your life! I am truly blessed beyond belief and I am truly grateful and appreciative of their presence and assistance with all things! I am also truly grateful for the help, inspiration and encouragement from my earth angels (angels that are in their earthly bodies).

I have a couple of beautiful hat creations from Rebekah over at The Journey Continues. I absolutely love the darker color and the light blue hat is beyond adorable! Must try this pattern out soon!! Thank you to The Journey Continues for your continued dedication to making a difference in a cancer patient's life and spreading the sunshine!!

The next hat and journal are going to my beautiful MIL's cousin who is fighting cancer for the second time, THIS is why I do what I do, cancer doesn't care if you've had it before, it doesn't care what age you are, and it is devastating and AFFECTS US ALL!!

The remaining photo's are what's been cooking in Hats from the Heart. My sister and I were able to make a few journey journals while I was there for a visit. The more of these I make, I try to experiment with a more efficient way of covering them (squeezing the glue bottle can be quite painful for days after). I've learned that duct tape is out, do not like the ridges that show through, I've learned that I really don't like covering them with gesso (too time consuming, too many coats required) and I really don't like putting white paper over the front and back and then covering (the spine tends to wrinkle when done this way). So I will be making a trip to Michael's to buy something called Krylon Short Cuts, it is spray paint that is safe for paper....this could be the answer to this challenge that I always have of the material being thin and the words on the composition book showing through!

I now must rush to finish getting ready for my work day because my computer seems to take forever to upload things LOL! I challenge each of you to spread the laughter, smiles, love and kindness to everyone you meet and may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within............<3