Sunday, June 9, 2013

Despicable cuteness!

Good evening everyone! I hope y'all are staying cool, for those of us that live in AZ, we either stay inside where the A/C is blowing or find some water aka pool, to submerse ourselves in LOL!

I have two hats finished this weekend bringing me to only 4 hats away from my last years goal of 40! I am feeling very accomplished and proud of myself this evening! I have kept the momentum going and I am blessed and thankful beyond measure for them. I will continue this awesome momentum, even though I have numerous other projects to finish up, this baby blanket being my top priority, as the baby is due in July.....arghhhhhhhhhh, best get busy this evening on that!! LOL Anyone who knows anything about me can tell you that I ALWAYS have numerous things going on at once :)

First up, is the Despicably Cute little boy's minion hat. I absolutely LOVE the minions on the Despicable Me Disney movies, especially the one~eyed minions, they are so ADORABLE!! :) So without further adieu, here is the Despicably Cute Minion hat. A Pinterest inspiration, made without a pattern, just eyeballing it for the idea... :)

You may have noticed my blogs name on the beautiful "rock" beside it? My beautiful sister Vicky and her bff Ginny saw this and sent it to me. I, being the big baby that I am, cried! Yes, she is my sister and I know she loves me and misses me and thinks of me as often as I do her, but it touches my heart and soul that she is proud of me and my passion for my project! I am extremely proud of her for all of her hard work for the Relay for Life that she has done, she just completed her walk on Friday and she exceeded her goal of $800!! I am so proud of you sis, and this is such an awesome accomplishment!! <3

Next up (before I start crying again LOL), is a little girl's Watermelon hat. Another Pinterest inspiration, no pattern and I added a little bow for embellishment, because little girl's need bows :)

I LOVE it! It just makes me feel cool looking at it :)

Now just a few more words before I stop yammering and get busy with dinner and working on the baby blanket :)  I was told one time when I asked someone to check out my blog and what it was about that "I bet it is sad, because you are doing this for cancer patients". I did insist that it isn't sad, but only that person can be the judge of that by reading the blog. I truly don't want my blog to be sad, I write to keep track of what I am doing, because I don't want to forget what I've done and maybe I can inspire someone else too. I sometimes may get lost in memories and write a few of them in here, but I honestly only want to keep a record of what I am doing and of my progress. I choose to believe that those that are meant to read it, will when they are supposed to! And yes, cancer is a horrid disease and takes far too many of our loved ones (one is too many), but there are so many success stories out there! Let's not forget the successes! I have two successes in my own family and friend's circle, so I will never forget the successes!

Now I must get busy on the rest of my delicious dinner for the evening! Chili Lime Cucumbers & Tomatoes, Baked Chicken and Corn on the Cob. Oh, let's not forget Watermelon for dessert!! We must all try to stay cool somehow! :)  Until my next post, may the light of God's love help each and everyone one of you to spread kindness, inspire and Glow from Within.......<3