Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two more hats for the project!

Well the project is motoring along at a great pace so far this year! I have completed another hat, a little boy's football hat for football season. I seem to be watching a lot of football this year, so thought I would make a beanie to go along with it! I may have another football beanie in my arsenal and so far different from this one that I may have to make! So many hats floating around in my head!!!

My sister has created her first hat for the project and I must say it is simply FABULOUS!!! She calls it Faux Mo'. I think it is just fantastical!!

I can't tell you just how grateful I am for all the help and donations! I was feeling a little discouraged because when I put something on the bulletin board at work in the employee break room, no one seems to read it. Well, I should KNOW better than to get discouraged by now, because it always works out in the end! I know, I know....I am inpatient and that is the BIGGEST lesson I have to learn...to have patience!  Anyway, on with what made my day (it really is the little things)! I am just sitting at work, jamming away to my iPod, when two people come up to me and she had a scrap booking packet (kit?) and the one lady told me that the other lady was looking for someone to give this to and she knew the perfect person that could use it and it goes to a great cause! I was beside myself, I was so excited!!! I hesitate to use names because I have not asked permission to use their names, so please forgive me when I just use the term "lady" LOL! Needless to say the lady donating the kit, asked for a copy of the letter and she is spreading the word and looking to maybe do a little more for the project! This MADE my day so much brighter (not that it was dim by any means) and I still have the really GREAT feeling of doing something that matters and makes a difference! I again, can never express my thanks and gratitude enough to all of the warm and caring people that have taken the time to encourage, inspire, donate supplies, or their time or just to spread the word!
I believe that I kind of rambled on this post, but like the ripples in a pond when you plunk a pebble in, the ripples of one person's kindness is constant and far reaching! Until my next post may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within....<3