Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well ahead of my goal so far!!

I am happy and excited to be ahead of my 5 hat a month goal! I have just completed a boy and girl's football beanie in celebration of the football season and Superbowl coming up.

I kind of like creating these beanies with a theme in mind, for instance February is coming up...and that means VALENTINE'S Day! :) I could do hearts, and pink and red...oh my, sorry jumping WAY ahead of myself now lol! :) I am a little behind in my journal making, but hopefully I will catch that right up very soon! I have 3 in the wings just awaiting my attention. I do also still have some small projects that have to be completed (hopefully by the end of February), a beanie for my nephew and his lovely wife and a beanie for my cousin's wife and there littlest boy. These have been promised to them for months, and thankfully they are VERY understanding of this project being my priority!

We have been blessed again with another prayer being answered, as my hubby is now employed again!!! After two LONG years, we are both excited and extremely happy!! This is a short update as I still have lots to do this evening so until my next post may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within.....<3