Sunday, January 13, 2013

Someone is ALWAYS working on something!

This will be a small update today as I didn't get anything accomplished on my project this weekend. I did complete the bridal shower gift of a crocheted garter before the actual day of the bridal shower YAY ME! :) I am now trying to finish a baby shower gift for a good friend's daughter expecting a little boy, my our children grow up so fast! And speaking of this good friend, she completed her first hat for our Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals!!! I am so happy to have her help (as with everyone else who helps too)!! I LOVE the color of this hat, and anyone who knows me, KNOWS that purple is my most FAVORITE color!! And I love the simplicity of it, sometimes those are the best hats!!!

Isn't it the greatest color? :) She is still learning the art of crocheting and she has finished a couple of scarves, and a baby blanket for her grand baby on the way, and just recently a beautiful afghan! I think she is doing a FANTASTIC job for so recently learning how to do it and still learning! :)  Shucks, I've been crocheting since I was a youngun (literally) and I still have trouble figuring out some of the patterns!
I am going to do my best to get a hat and a couple of journals done next weekend and another update to my blog. I do apologize for the lateness of this post, I truly thought I would be feeling up to getting a couple of journals made today. I have had a nagging headache all weekend, and I would like to say I suffer in silence, but unfortunately for my fabulous hubby, I don't most of the time :(. The headache is now gone, YAY, with the help of medication..but now I'm rushing trying to get my gift done for my friend's grand baby. ARGHHHHHHHH!!! LOL Until my next update/post may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within.....<3