Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rain in AZ means I get more done on my project!

Good afternoon all! It is a beautiful rainy day here in AZ and I am loving it! It isn't so cold that you can't enjoy sitting on the patio and the same would go for the heat! I have really enjoyed sitting on the patio today and watching the hummingbirds dodge the raindrops or the water coming off of the roof to get to the feeder. They normally migrate to Mexico during the winter months, but we have been blessed to have 4 that just continually drain my feeder every couple of days. They are such a joy to watch and we have named all but the female LOL! Harley, Marley and Spot. I just can't seem to settle on a name for the female and she is the only one, the other three are males.

Oh I seemed to have gotten carried away with other subjects! Sorry about that, now I have been busy working on my project also! In fact I completed a Ladies hat this morning, and I simply adore this one!  I have to start searching my patterns for a man's hat. My sister told me that men's hats are simple, but I try not to do anything too simple, I enjoy finding a challenging textured stitch for them. So here is hat #7.
I have also worked and completed a couple of Journey Journals. Here is #2 and #3.

They are kind of simplistic right now, and I am not as far ahead on the journals as I would like to be. I have patience and the journals are really quick and easy to make unless I want to get really fancy with them, and that might happen eventually, but right now I have to build up my supplies for the journals! All in good time, as I have stated before the power of prayer, faith and positive thinking works!
Now I am off to search my patterns or the internet for a man's hat to make, until my next post may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within....<3