Saturday, March 30, 2013

Perusing my older posts....

Early Easter greetings to you all! :) I have been sitting here crocheting on a man's hat and needed a little break, so decided I would surf the internet for a little bit and then started reading my blog (sometimes it's kind of nice to read back through them) to try and remember what I set my goal at for hats this year. *GASP* I never put my goal in that I can see! Oh wait a second, it is kind of hard to see when tears are flowing down your cheeks LOL! Yep, reading through some of my older posts brought tears....I think I warned you guys that I am a big crybaby, right? ;) They are good tears, I promise!

Reading through my blog helped to remind me that I said not all of my updates would have pictures of hats or journals, because if I did that, then there might possibly be a long period of lag time between postings (like the last time perhaps). It also reminded me that this is kind of my little online "journal"  that shares special moments or maybe inspires someone or helps them through whatever they might need inspiration or encouragement through, even myself! Yes, I do have creative slumps, or moments when I just don't KNOW what I want to work on, or which hat to pick out....or darn it....I just have the blah's kind of days. We ALL have them, so it is kind of nice to take time out of that, and just rest, rejuvenate and rejoice in this journey we call LIFE! :)

My daughter will be turning 23 next week, and so with the craziness of her schedule and her boyfriend's schedule it is kind of hard to schedule a "celebration" with them. Well, we celebrated Thursday night for her birthday dinner from her Grams and then they spent the night, as well as, Grams spent a couple of nights also. There was SO much laughter shared Thursday night after we came back from dinner! Just sitting on the patio, enjoying the beautiful weather and reflecting on the many memories of my son and daughter growing up and the "antics" that they were always up to! It is truly entertaining to regale her boyfriend with these tales....(did I mention that her boyfriend's name is the same as my son's name? LOL Yes, TWO Josh's)  I did miss our son being able to join in, but he had to work :(. I say again, the kids have such crazy schedules, it is hard to get them all together for any type of celebration. I truly enjoy the quality time I get to spend with my Mother-in-law, she is an AMAZING woman, my kids (they are pretty great too) and my wonderful hubby!

I want to wish you all a Blessed Easter and hope we all remember WHY we celebrate this! And it is NOT for the coloring of eggs, or the hunt, or the little bunnies....

Until my next update may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within.....<3