Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring greetings and "pop" culture.

Spring greetings to all! I absolutely LOVE this time of year with one exception.....I hate the fact that my allergies do a number on me! I never had allergies until I moved to AZ and now I suffer with them all year long but most heavily in spring when EVERYTHING is blooming. But it is the most beautiful time of year and puts me in mind of new life and new beginnings :) And yes, we desert rats do have beautiful flowers that bloom also, poppies in abundance, Palo Verde trees, mesquite trees, dogwood trees and beautiful purple wisteria type trees. We have had 4 hummingbirds all winter long, and yes we named them :) Harley, Marley, Spot and Bashful (the lone female), now sadly Harley and Marley have left us for their summer homes (not sure where that is). Spot and Bashful are still around and so far we have only had one occasional visitor, but I know that they are around somewhere. The hubby and I really enjoy sitting and watching them eat gnats flying in the yard and then coming up to the feeder to get a drink. How do we know which hummingbirds are "visitors", you may ask? Well they are really skittish about hitting the feeder, ours are so used to us that we can stand pretty close to the feeder and they will still come up to it, the visitors will hit it and back up several times and look at you. :) 

It has been a very productive yet busy weekend! I finished my Easter bonnet/beanie finally! It took a few days simply because I had to find the right flowers and I had a non productive Saturday as the hand/wrist pain wouldn't allow me to do anything I wanted to :( and I always get frustrated with that! But I finished it up this morning and was very pleased with the results. Now it is supposed to be a little girl's hat but it turned out a little bigger than expected, and after I got it done, I had the old song about "your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it" stuck in my head forever!! LOL :)

So while I was "surfing" Pinterest yesterday (such an addiction, it is), I saw this cute little beanie that had a felt moustache glued on it. Well, you know me, I see something I think is really cute, I just gotta do it, pattern or not. :) So here is a little boy's "mustache" beanie I made today after I got all my house cleaning done. I think it turned out pretty awesome!!

I must also include here that I ran across a "pin" called Warmth for Warriors. I am now determined to make a difference there also, I have a little bit of research to do on it, but I would like to start making beanies for this cause also. I have included a link to their website over to the right under Important Links if you would like a little more information on it. So hopefully soon, I will maybe let you know how that is going as well. I have always been patriotic and supportive of my country, but especially to our troops! I have many friends and family who are serving or who have served this country and kept us free, so they will ALWAYS have my support. In my mind, if you don't stand behind and support our troops, do us all a favor and stand in front of them!! A bit harsh you may think, but that is where I stand on it and if you want to really see a Southern girl's temper flare to life fairly quickly, go ahead and start talking badly about our troops...just sayin'. :)

Now I have cleaned my house, done my laundry and updated my blog with a couple of new beanies...I feel very accomplished and very tired....LOL! Until my next update much love going to all and may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within.....<3