Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mardi Gras and Spring

I finished the little boy's Mardi Gras hat, just didn't get a post up with a picture of it. I got busy writing the Making a Journey Journal Tutorial and decided to wait on writing a blog update with the finished hat. I know, I was dragging my feet lol! So here is the finished Mardi Gras themed hat! I do not know why my deep purple always ends up looking blue, but it is indeed deep purple!

I also finished a ladies pale blue scarf hat this morning before I had to run errands for a "Spring-time" hat. I simply love the scarf, but I am partial to polka dots anyway!! :) My count is now 13 hats completed for 2013! I am feeling quite proud of myself and I am very determined to keep the momentum going! :)

I also received a surprise box from my good friend (thank you niece for introducing us!) in New York. It is so fun to get "surprises" in the mail, and one day she will get a surprise in the mail when she least expects it! Her thoughtfulness and generosity of donations to this project are so touching and deeply appreciated! It was filled with buttons and a canvas case for keeping my yarn and tools of the trade in and all kinds of things!!! Thank you Ms. Rhonda, you will get a card and note in the mail soon (sorry it wasn't this week, I ran out of time!!)

Oh and before I close my update (because hubby "needs" some Chocolate Peanut Butter brownies), I must post my niece's #2 hat of a ladies beautiful snowflake hat. I love how she didn't do the "normal" white color of a snowflake and made it blue instead on a white background! Just beautiful!

Wonder if she can convince my great niece to crochet a couple of hats for the project now that she has taught her how to crochet? LOL  Well, even if she doesn't, I think it is awesome that she has now taught someone how to do it, and especially someone as young as my great niece!

I have "linked" blogs that I follow on my page, just learned how to do that this morning while helping my older sis in MD with her blog. Just click on one and it will take you right to their blog! My list is only 4 blogs long right now, but I don't have a whole lot of time to read and follow massive amounts of blogs, so for now these 4 are the ones that mean the most to me! :) I hope everyone is having an absolutely gorgeous Saturday, it is a nice sunny 81 degrees here in AZ and puts me in the mood for Easter and springtime!!! Sending much love and appreciation to all for reading, sharing and supporting me!!! Until my next blog update may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within......<3