Monday, April 29, 2013

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Monday's....

Good evening all! Thought I would sit and try to blog a few words this evening. I only have two hats to post pictures of :( , as I have been trying to slowly get caught up on some projects getting done that have been promised. I have kind of been in a creative "slump" for the last week, and I think it just may be that I wasn't feeling my usual smurfy self last week, and boy is it HOT already!!

First up, a ladies slouchy newsboy cap. This started out as a "sun" hat, but that pattern was turning out WAY too small, so I ripped it all out in frustration and started a different one :) This is the resulting hat. I think the button adds just a touch of "old world" charm to it.

This hat worked up so quick, that I want to use this basic type of stitch for a baby blanket (I have two to make and fairly quickly too).  
I then wanted to make a man's hat, and you all should know me by now, I had to have some type of different textured stitch to it. Now just to let you know how this process works with me, LOL! I get done with one hat, then I pore through my Pinterest page to see which one I want to make. Now I have a ton of inspirational pictures on that addicting website and I am constantly surfing for more, in my spare time ;), so this can be as quick as a few minutes or it can take me a couple of hours if I can't find what I want to make. So here is a man's star stitched striped beanie. I am thinking that this hat would be really cool in all kinds of color combinations, or even a solid color with a different color of flower to give it some "pop", ohhhhhhhhhh, and I WILL be making a red, white and blue one for July 4th!!! Okay, so here it is, sorry, I got carried away LOL!
I will have to try and take a closer picture of my next hat so you can get a better view of the stitch! I finished it up and posted the picture at around 9:00 pm last night, and that is late for me (way past my bedtime on a "work" night LOL).

Now I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that I received a donation of some fabric and odds and ends (embellishments) for our Journey Journals yesterday by a sweet lady who heard about what I do. I will forever be grateful to ALL who donate to this project, and the gratitude that I feel could never be expressed in words! And remember, it does not matter how "small" you think your donation is, it is HUGE to our group of ladies and this ongoing project! Just think of all the smiles and sunshine our gift to each patient brings! <3

This started out as a small update, but it has grown to be a little lengthy. :)  My heart is with a very good friend this evening and I wish her all the comfort in the world, loss is hard and the amount of years that passes matters not. The pain of loss is always there, but so our loved ones are too, just on the other side standing beside us. Some years are better than others, I know from experience of my own loss, so prayers and thoughts of love and comfort Turtle, I am always here for you to lean on! <3 Until my next update, I send my love to each and every one of you and hope that the light of God's love helps you to Glow from Within.....<3