Saturday, April 13, 2013

Simple and cute too!

Good Morning all! :) Try to get an update on here right away, as I do still have a couple of errands to run and a birthday gift to make! I think on the Journey Journals, between my sisters and I, I have decided that I will cover them with fabric and plan a trip to Mammoth (where 2 of them live) to embellish them. :)  I find that I get in a creativity "slump" when it comes to decorating the front of them and I can whip out the covers in nothing flat as I have that down to a science LOL. So you may not see any "new" photo's of Journey Journals for a little bit, until I can get down there for a visit. But never fear, there will be photo's upon photo's when that happens!

Now on to photo's of three new hats that were created for our project! First up, a little girl's beanie or tam. Interesting story behind this one, I was perusing my Pinterest pin's for my next hat to make and was getting frustrated because I didn't know which one I wanted to make (I have SOOOOOOO many cute hat inspirations!), so hubby said "number them all and put them in a hat and pull out a number"....HA HA HA, I said "do you KNOW how many hat pictures I have????" I would have been sitting here for hours numbering them LOL So, then he says "okay, I want you to make the 13th hat down from the top", okay, now I can work with that. So I counted to the 13th hat.....OMGness!!!! The pattern is on a Russian website and I don't know about y'all, but this lil' Southern gal is fluent in that language.....NOT!!!!! Okaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy, so here is the creation from sight only, not EXACTLY like that one, but just as cute I think :)

Notice those little beads in the center of the flowers? I think it just gives it that extra something, don't you?

On to the next creation of my beautiful niece Eve, she has created a zebra hat for a little boy and it is just as cute as can be! That black yarn is really hard for me to see, and I think she did a fantabulous job on this hat!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeaaaal!!!! It's ADORABLE!!!

And the final hat on display for your enjoyment is a simple red man's hat. I just love doing textured stitches they are so fun! One thing I just didn't understand was how a bulkier yarn and a larger needle could take me so long to complete, and made my hand hurt, like WTHeck?! Ah well, it is completed now and I will be perusing my pin's again to find inspiration for my next hat. Another interesting little story, I tried something new a couple of evenings ago, a ruffle scarf! Now this yarn is from Red Heart (I think) and called Sashay. Well a lady at work had made one and I thought it was just the coolest thing, she said it was knit and only used 6 stitches, so I just had to try it! So I took myself down to the store and bought me a skein of that cool yarn (I tell you, all wrapped up it looks like "ribbon" yarn) so I could try my hand at it. Huh, the written instructions made NO sense to me at all, so guess where I went? That's right....YouTube!!!! I succeeded in finding a tutorial on this and I got started, easypeasy!!! Two evenings later, I had a ruffle scarf, made for a friend (it will be a surprise, so can't tell you who heehee). Now where is the "interesting" part you may it is....I'm trying to figure out a way to make a beanie out of this stuff!!! WHAT?! ;)  Yeah, I'm a little on the crazy side, but's all good, I promise!

Now that I have regaled you with my tales, I must sign off and get busy! It is another beautiful day in AZ and I have lots to do! Before I forget, please, please donate to my sister Vicky's walk for Relay for Life, you can click here Vicky's Relay for Life Walk !! Thank you so much for supporting a great cause and helping us in the fight against Cancer! Oh and one more little picture to post in here. My sister Vicky and her bff Ginny bought this for me and I just think it is BEAUTIFUL and I could never thank them enough for thinking of me!!!

And with that, I will bid you a fond adieu and may the light of God's love help each and every one of you to Glow from Within...... Much love always, Rita <3