Saturday, December 1, 2012

Creating a blog is hard work!

Still working on creating this blog, and sometimes it can be quite frustrating simply because I haven't a clue what I'm doing LOL!! :)

I have created a page for Hats which is basically photo's of the hats created in 2012. I will be creating a page for Journals also, but it is a slow process. :) I will also try to create a page that will probably be just a listing of supplies that are always needed for this project for anyone who would like to donate (NO money is accepted). For those wishing to do so, they may contact me at Please use Hats from the Heart as your subject, that way I don't delete it by accident thinking it is spam.

While trying to create and maintain a blog, I am busily trying to complete a birthday present and Christmas presents and numerous other tiny little projects that I have going on. And all of this must be done quickly, because I am anxious to get back to creating hats and journals for 2013's donations!

I wish to thank all of those involved with this project that is very close to my heart. This includes EVERYONE who has helped bring it to life, supported, inspired, encouraged, created, donated, shared this blog or pictures on facebook and helped with contact information of who I could donate to locally. It is deeply appreciated and let me express my gratitude from the whole of my heart and the depths of my soul to all involved! Cancer affects us all, not just those suffering through it, but family and friends and friend's of friends, the ripples are ever reaching and everlasting.

I can't promise to write on my blog everyday, but will keep it updated as frequently as time allows! Until my next post (will update everyone on progress of blog) May the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within....