Friday, November 30, 2012

New to this blog thing!

Well, I am new to this whole blog thing, but want to be able to reach more people with my Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journaling project and journey. So bear with me and be patient with me and we will hopefull enjoy this journey together!

In February of 2012, I was inspired to create and start a not for profit group called Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journaling. A friend's daughter asked how much I would charge to crochet a little beanie for her friend's daughter who was in the hospital and going through chemo. I had been making little tiny beanies for friend's who were having babies just as gifts from my heart. I explained to her that I would accept NO money and would get started right away. I was so EXCITED to be finally making a difference in someone's life, not just thinking about it, but truly making a difference. I got started on it that night! I came to work the next day and my friend explained that it would not be needed because the little angel had been called home to heaven the very night I had started on the little hat. I was crushed, but because of who I am, I insisted that I would still make it and give it to her parent's to hopefully help in their grieving.

This inspired me to create the group Hats from the Heart. After a few phone calls to my sister who helped encourage me to go for it, I sent an email to friend's and relatives asking for help with making hats for cancer patients, or help with supplies to make them. I was then inspired to add My Journey Journals to this group. Handmade journals for cancer patients to jot down notes to themselves, or jot their feelings down that they may not wish to share or burden their loved ones with. What an outpouring of love and generousity and positive energy! All year we (me, my niece, her friend, my Mom, my oldest sister and my baby sister, not to mention the numerous donations of supplies by friends) worked our little fingers off and I am ecstatic to announce that we made a total of 140 hats and 56 journals!! Truly AWESOME for a first time endeavor!!

Today, I and my wonderful hubby dropped off our donation to the MD Anderson Cancer Center and I was literally GLOWING FROM WITHIN!!! I can never express my gratitude to all those that have helped me with supplies, inspiration, encouragement and making the hats and journals. 2012 was a HUGE success, and I want to make 2013 even better! I will be posting pictures of hats and journals we make, as well as, the pictures of our donation drop off. Let me state now that I have not intentionally set out to infringe on anyone's copyright licensing or anything of that nature. I DO NOT SELL anything that I make, it is DONATED only! I have downloaded patterns available for free through the internet, so if you wish to be linked back to a picture I may have uploaded using your pattern please email me and I will do so (keeping in mind I am NEW to this, so just learning).

My nephew and little sister inspired me to create this blog and I wish to personally thank them both, and if they can give me some guidance it is much appreciated! May the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within......