Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Some routines are hard to find..

Good Morning all! It is bright and early here in Arizona, and humid as all get out this morning, the air is so thick I feel like I'm back in Florida without the convenience of a beach anywhere around LOL. I am STILL trying to get into a routine, wow it is hard to find when you aren't used to working until the time I get home, I'm so tired I have no energy to do anything but sit and enjoy my honey's company!! Trying hard to get into one, but it is really hard to find right weekends have been so busy since the last part of May that I feel like I'm not getting much accomplished. I am positive this will change and soon (I hope!)

This past weekend was filled with covering journals with fabric and paper to get them ready for a Journey Journaling party, that I still haven't figured out when I'm going to have LOL. My sister was here for a good long 3 day visit, and we got a lot accomplished. My beautiful daughter helped cover the inside pages with paper, as she has been wanting to help and she also knew that my wrists couldn't take much of squeezing that glue bottle. We did use a spray adhesive on the outside for the fabric and it went way quicker than I expected!! We were able to cover 34 journals in fabric to add to the 10 I covered before I discovered this cool spray adhesive. So here is our stash so far...

I received a surprise thank you card in the mail from the Houston MD Anderson, and it is always cool to get little surprises in the mail like this, warms my heart and lets us know that we ARE making a difference, no matter how small!

Eventually I will take some time to make a scrapbook/album with pictures of the hats and journals that have been created and these little thank you cards. I try to make sure I document here in my blog all of the exciting things happening, but I'm sure I have probably missed something here or there :/.

I have created hats to share with you, but I feel like I'm not creating enough...again, that time thing and getting into a new routine is tough. I am determined to start getting more created and I WILL succeed in this, with God ALL things are possible, and my faith is great!! Here is a man's hat that I created, and my daughter says it reminds her of "Harry Potter" colors...or perfect for a Florida Seminole's fan... :)

Then I decided to create a couple of patriotic hats to celebrate 4th of July for the ladies...this first hat took a little longer than I expected but I LOVE how the stitch looks on it. I may have to make a couple of more in this stitch..

And the stars on this "country" colored patriotic beanie....even if they are sewn on a tad crooked LOL! I think it just increases the charm of this hat ;)

That's it for the hats right now, I have picked out my next hat that I'm going to make and will get it started as soon as I'm done updating in here. Oh (slap to the forehead), I almost forgot to post the cute hats my sister made on her loom, AND I believe I have forgotten to post a really generous donation of yarn by the beautiful MaryRose (whom I met through facebook and Robert Welch). A huge THANK YOU for that donation, I just sent half of the donation of yarn home with my sister so she could make more hats on her looms....We could not do this with out all of you helping with donations and supporting us on our journey, so with deepest gratitude we thank you from our heart and souls!!

My sister (who was here for a short visit), created this lovely ladies hat from her loom...I don't know how it is done, but I love the stitch on these hats.....

She also created a man's hat, and I really do like the little roll brim's on them...aren't they just the cutest?! :)

I will have to watch her one day while I'm visiting at her house to see how it's done and maybe purchase one of these looms for myself or my daughter...we shall see. Oh, speaking of my beautiful daughter, she created 4 beautiful Journey Journals for us (she has been wanting to help, and she did a marvelous job)!! I think they look fantastic, and she always says she isn't creative.....well....let me just say (And I am bias) she is and these are beautiful!!!

This one above was created on Sunday afternoon....and the ones below she created after I went to bed and was sleeping (she and her dad are awake at night, while I'm the morning person). What a way to start the day seeing these beauties lying on the table.... :)

She did write over in black what this purple journal says, I just haven't taken a better picture of it yet... "Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going~Jim Ryun".  I'm so excited that she is able to help make journey journals, even if she can't crochet a stitch LOL. The littlest things get me excited about our group and journey.

Ohhhhhhhhh (another forehead slap)....and let me share one last picture with you.... this is another beautiful soul that I have not met yet, but I am so very grateful to her and her friends for wanting to help and join our group...can not express my gratitude enough!!! <3 You all make this journey possible and for that I'm eternally grateful!!!!

How blessed I am, that each and every one of you has touched my life and an integral part of my life that makes this all possible. I thank God each and every day for my blessings and for my struggles. Last month was really rough and filled with far too much sadness for me personally, but I'm still grateful for that struggle and the lessons it has taught. One day soon, I will share a poem with you that my sister shared with me when I was struggling a few years ago and it still gets looked at and read, especially when I struggle....for it is....In the valleys where I grow..... <3  I don't have the full poem with me right now, but I will bring it home and type it up to share in my next update. See the beauty surrounding you, acknowledge it, be grateful for the love you have in your life (for even if you think you have none, you DO!!) and thank God for your many blessings and struggles...until my next update may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within.....<3