Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not so Monsoon~y this year!

Good evening all! Thought I would try to update my blog for you all while awaiting dinner to get done cooking. So yeah, as my title indicates, monsoon season in AZ has not been the greatest this year :(  Praying for rain every day because AZ desperately needs it! Yes, it does get humid this time of year around these parts, but the rain is always worth it. Without the rain, it is more than HOT!!! You tend to stay indoors where the air conditioning keeps it bearable!

I am sending prayers up constantly for the health and well being of my Florida family...a very ill Uncle in the hospital, and an Uncle who was diagnosed with throat cancer. It is so hard to live so far away from those that you love and care about when something happens, you are unable to be there to offer your love and support or just your shoulder to lean on. You do the best you can from a distance and you hold strong to your faith that God knows best in all things, and send all the prayers you can up for His healing touch, His love, His comfort and His guidance for your family far away. You ask for prayers from your friends, coworkers, and face book friends....knowing that everything happens for a reason and in God's timing, what will be, will be. To ALL my family and friends, I love each and every one of you, pray for you all the time and with this posting reach out and send my love always, whether I see you all the time or rarely....KNOW that I love each and everyone of you, and thank God for the blessing of having you in my life from near and far!! <3

I have met (maybe not in person, but on face book) so many beautiful kind people since I have started this beautiful group Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals, that I could live to be 100 and still not be able to express my thanks and gratitude enough to everyone who has contributed in some way in helping it grow by sharing blog posts or donating yarn or supplies and even monetary donations for supplies. I am so blessed to be able to do this and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone's life by making hats and journals while they are fighting their battle. Each and every one of you touch my soul and restore my faith in humanity itself. For instance, this beautiful soul I met online through my cousin's wife, she has created an event to collect 53 skeins of yarn for her 53rd birthday, TOMORROW!!!! First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATSY, and may you have many,  many more and continue to bless those around you by continuing to make a difference on your birthday by giving back to someone or some organization that helps others! Her total this evening is 23!!! So blessed and grateful for her generosity and kindness!!!

Keep up the AWESOME work Patsy, I know I've not met you in person, but sending HUGE hugs and lots of love your way!!!

Now I do have three hat pictures to share with you....the pictures were taken with my new fancy camera that my wonderful hubby bought me for my birthday (yes, VERY EARLY)!!! First up is a ladies fuzzy brimmed hat that my sister made on her loom. The brim was made with some "eyelash" yarn mixed with the normal yarn, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!

This next hat is a lovely pink ladies hat that I made over the weekend from a pattern that another friend I met online sent me the pattern on. I love the lacy look of this hat, and will probably use it for a few more!!

And the last hat I have is a man's zig~zag hat that I finished up yesterday morning while waiting to go to work. I found this pattern over at Idea Ivana and it worked up fairly quickly! Next time I make this one, I may have to make an adjustment on the brim row, as it seems a little loose and not snug on my glass model :)

My daughter and I were unable to get anything done on Journey Journals this time, as this past weekend was a "rest and recuperation" weekend for us. Sometimes you have to take that kind of weekend despite what else is going on so you can recharge for the upcoming work week :)
Well I guess I am off to locate a pattern for a man's hat, maybe some other color than blue, yes? LOL Have a blessed evening everyone and until my next update, much love and gratitude and...may the light of God's love touch each and every one of you and help you to Glow from Within......<3