Sunday, August 17, 2014

Beyond ready for winter!!!!

Good afternoon everyone! My it is so HOT and sticky outside, that you just don't want to be anywhere out there! As title of this posting states, I am so ready for winter and cooler weather. :D I have been remiss in posting again, so I must apologize and tell you why. In my last update I was sending and asking for prayers for two of my Uncle's and Florida family (still asking and sending those constant prayers). I had received more sad news on the morning and evening of the day (Sunday, August 3rd) I was going to post an update. My Mom's husband had been taken to the hospital for what they feared was a stroke, and that evening it appeared my Uncle who is still in the hospital was doing worse :(. I had been praying constantly already, so added names to my prayer list and prayed even more fervently.  I continued to receive daily updates from my oldest sister who lives near my, we had found out in March that our Mom's husband had lung cancer and as it turned out it was Stage IV lung cancer, and after they got him to the hospital, discovered it was not a stroke, but a brain tumor.  I am the type of person, who not only prays, but sends positive energy to the people I feel is in need of it, so needless to say I was getting pretty drained of my own energy by Tuesday. Wednesday morning dawned and I was energetic and bubbly and wondering Wow, where did this come from? That evening my beautiful daughter asked me how I was feeling because she had prayed for me the night before. Yes, I get teary eyed just typing about it, because she KNEW exactly what I needed. That night, as I lay down to say my evening prayers and sleep, my phone rang...I looked at it and knew what it was about. My sister called to let me know that my Mom's husband had passed on his way home (Hospice had allowed him to come home) in the ambulance, this was August 6th. I got up, made a phone call to my other sister in MD to inform her and she stated she would call our baby sister in WA (as neither of us knew if she had been contacted yet). I dressed and packed an overnight bag, my family needed me and I would be there. My beautiful daughter, once again, KNEW what I needed, she packed an overnight bag and made the drive with me. I was up for a full 24 hours and my sister was up for closer to 36 hours. My Mom is doing beautifully well, she was able to say goodbye and make her peace with his passing, she is a strong woman! I'm grateful he gave my Mom love and happiness, that is all that matters. God in His infinite wisdom, ALWAYS knows what we need and touches the hearts of those around us to give us what we need. I'm so eternally grateful for my many blessings of my family, my faith in God and the power of prayer, and the many struggles I go through!

I have stated before that this is not a blog filled with sadness, however, sometimes things happen that are sad, and I feel that I need to share what is happening in my life to keep me from updating. :) Now, just because I have not updated, does not mean I haven't done anything...LOL :) I have lots of pictures to share with you!!  I have so many, that I don't know where to start first :D Well let's just go with it shall we?

First up is a man's hat that was fairly easy to make, I still am intrigued by the different textures that are made by different stitches or a different technique that is used. I love trying them out on men's hats, because I don't want to make just a "boring" hat LOL :D

Next up is a ladies slouchy styled hat with little hearts around the brim. Hopefully you can tell they resemble little heart shapes :)  I couldn't see it when I was done with it, but a great friend said she could.

Next up is a ladies pink hat (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) and a man's hat from my sister's loom. I'm still debating getting one of these little things. :)

We have a couple of knitted hats from my Mom, I'm going to say that these are both men's hats :)  Which is more than okay, as I think I may have gotten my routine mixed up (make two women's hats, make two men's hats) this last round.

The next hat is a ladies hat that I dearly love the colors on! Well I absolutely love the orange and yellow slouchy hat above too, it just says CHEERY all over it!!!

Last but certainly not least is a ladies pink and black/purple sequins beanie that I created today. Even with a fancy dancy new camera, I just can't seem to get these sequins to show up to their brilliance! :/  I think I need one of those fancy lights so I can make sure it is shining directly on my hat to really do it justice....okay, well I can still dream....LOL I am still learning about my new camera too, so maybe when I finally get the hang of it, the pictures will be awesome!

 If you were looking for links on this update, I'm sorry I have not provided any. I'm not sure that it is necessary in here, but if I get any kind of feedback on it, I will start adding them again. I just don't know if anyone click's those links or not....and I'm definitely NOT a professional blogger, you don't see any "ads" in here, just the basic pictures and blogging about the wonderful happenings in our group.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this important little gem.....while my daughter and I were staying with my Mom for a couple of days, I taught her how to crochet!!! I'm SUPER EXCITED by this fact, as I have tried to teach her before and was unable to. I think it was just the fact that she wasn't ready to learn it quite then, but now she is working on a baby blanket for a friend of hers, and before too long, I hope to teach her how to make hats also. <3  I would include a picture, but she may not appreciate it as much as I do, so I will behave for now. :D  I'm sure by now, you are more than ready for my update to until my next update, may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within.....<3