Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everyone can be creative!

Good Sunday Morning all! A beautiful start to the day, finished up a ladies slouch hat this morning with some button embellishments and the day is off and running. I sure do wish my weekends would go slower than my work week :) Looking back on my previous post, I realize that I have not added links to where I found the lovely patterns for the hats that I shared. Arghhhh, this oversight will be corrected at some point today! It is so frustrating to have all of your links saved on your laptop, but unable to post a blog update from there because it won't upload my pictures. I think we all have little and probably sometimes BIG annoyances with technology! LOL

I've stated before that my beautiful daughter says she is not creative, to which I say "hogwash", because seeing her create Journey Journals is pretty awesome! I love each and every single one she has created (and God bless her for catching that creative bug and helping make a difference), and she has created a lot!! I believe her total is 11 so far, and I encourage her to create as many as she wishes! My sister's response to seeing all of her journals was, "Well, shoot, by the time she gets done, we'll have to cover a ton more with fabric and paper LOL", and we both know that is fine because the more we get created, the bigger the difference we make is!! So let me just share her creativity with you, and then we have a few pictures of hats created. I'll let you all guess which is my favorite.... :)

What a fantastic job! Now I haven't taken any pictures of the back, or inside covers...but some of these have been decorated on the inside covers, back cover or even the spine. See, now isn't that cool? My sister and I tend to try to keep it simple because primarily it was us doing the majority, but Baby Girl has just gone above and beyond. I'm so eternally grateful for the blessing of having her as my daughter! <3

Now let's see if I can share a few shots of hats created since my last update. I seem to be stuck on the number of 3 hats per update, WTHeck?! :/  Sincerely trying to get better/faster at making these, but cannot find the energy after work anymore :( which leaves only the weekends for me to created hats....grrrrrrrrrr...yeah, this is a source of frustration for me! Now on to the first hat (will add links later today to the pictures I don't have links attached to)...a man's hat is what it should be, but it turned out rather small, so a lady could wear it also, and I like the natural colors of this hat.

Next up is another man's hat, and these blue's are just fantastic! There is a twist in the stitching, but because of the variegated color of yarn, you cannot really see the detail of it.

And the hat I just finished this morning is a ladies slouchy beret style hat. I tweaked the pattern here and there for my own liking (took out a few rows only), but I found the pattern over at Cat's Rockin' Crochet where she has some fabulous free patterns!! Added a couple of gold buttons instead of a flower for embellishment, and it is good to go!

If I hadn't already designated this beautiful creation for donation, I would probably even wear it myself when it cools off around here! :)

I've titled my post today "Everyone can be creative" because I believe everyone has creativity in them. You may think that you have no talent for this kind of thing, but we all have talent! I encourage you all to find your creativity and put it to use in some way. It may be making jewelry, creating greeting cards, home d├ęcor, decorating cupcakes, or any number of other things!! It is so satisfying to watch something come to "life" from your own hands and know that you created that. I must also throw this in here, it is even a greater feeling when you make a difference in someone's life by donating or even spreading kindness to someone else :)  I truly believe that kindness and love can make all the difference in someone's life no matter what battle they (or you) are fighting, we all fight harder and better with a little help from our family, friends and even complete strangers!

My housework is calling my name (I tend to ignore these chores when I'm focused on creating) today, so I must get busy on the chores.  Until my next update may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within.......<3