Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What a wonderful Wednesday!

Good Morning my good friends! :)  After a really rough Monday, I am BACK to my positive self and working on my side projects throughout the week. I realized last night that I had not updated my blog this past weekend with the 3 new hats that have been added. So here I am trying to hurry and create a post before I must be off to work ( As much as I WISH I could stay home and do nothing but create beautiful hats and work on side project gifts, I do have to work so that I can fund my supply purchases, so I am very grateful to be working! :)  This is going to be a really short and sweet update, so off to new additions! :)

First up a soft gray man's hat with a multi-hued purple stripe, or an adults hat...I think I will start referring to them as adult and child, because after they leave my possession, who knows who wears them, right? :D

Next up, a child's Shamrock ear flap hat that I kind of created out of my own head, using a basic beanie pattern and adding the shamrock's upside down as the ear flaps :) 

And last, but definitely not least and keeping with the theme of St. Patrick's day is another child's hat with shamrocks and a little bling and a few bobbles. Now we know that a little boy will probably not wear this one, but I have to add some bling to some of my hats :)


Now I really MUST finish up my morning chores and get going, now that I am running a tad bit behind...heehee! :)  I hope everyone has a blessed day and I pray that the light of God's love touches each and every one of you and helps you to Glow from Within...... <3