Monday, February 24, 2014

Where do my weekends go?

Good evening all! My weekends just fly by so fast, that I feel like I blink on Friday and it's Monday again! LOL it was a busy weekend for me, errands and such, but I DID get the hat done for a coworkers friend, Kate. She is a "fall" person, so I decided to make a Chocolate brown hat with an ivory glittery flower and I wanted it to have a touch of color, so I added a turquoise button as the center of the flower. The pattern for this was my own "creation" so to speak. I am working on a baby blanket and liked the stitch, so decided to try my hand at creating a pattern. I think it turned out pretty well for a first time attempt. I really hope she likes her new hat, I would like to make her another hat also, but not sure if time will allow it. Here is my Chocolate and Ivory hat, with a close up shot of the flower so you can see the "glitter". :)

I then decided I wanted a spring time inspired hat, so I created a hat with some spring colors. Again, I added a touch more color with a purple button for the flower center. I really did like the colors on this hat! I found this pattern over at Northern Girl Stamper & Boutique .

I then decided to try and work on some Journey Journals, but only got so far as ironing the fabric to cover them LOL! I WILL get some made and soon, after all the end of March is fast approaching and I want to have some journals to add to the Houston TX shipment of hats! I think I just need to dedicate a weekend to which weekend.... ;)

It seems as though my creativity "funk/slump" is now maybe over? I hope so, I kind of had to force the issue with myself and just DO IT, and I really do dislike being in a creative slump! I am in the process of making a man's hat, which I'm hoping to finish this evening. I have decided that time during the week will be dedicated to my "side" projects and the weekends will be dedicated to making hats and journals for <3 Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals <3. I'm thinking that in order to get everything done that I wish to get done, this is the best time management plan for me :)

And speaking of time....I MUST get busy on it if I wish to complete it this evening. I bid you all adieu until my next posting. May the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within........<3