Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Many heartfelt prayers this week.

Good evening all! A short update this evening, as I am busily working on a hat that I am creating the pattern for (what?! I know, CRAZY!). I do have a ton of thoughts and prayers going out and up this evening for the many people needing them. May His hands provide comfort and healing to all who need it!

I have been asked to make a hat for a friend of someone I work with, who is suffering from stage IV lung CA. I (as the founder of Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals) am honored to do this for her. I have decided on making a chocolate brown hat with a beautiful white sparkle yarn flower and a beautiful button for the flower center of this hat. I have the picture of it in my head, but will be making this pattern up as I go. I know right, branching out? LOL  Pictures will be forthcoming when it is done! The lady I work with has generously donated to Hats from the Heart in her friend Kate's name. I hesitate to use last names because I try to be very cognizant of privacy and security. I'm excited to be doing this, and I have no problem doing this. As long as the requests are not overwhelming, I can handle it. :)

I do have two new hats to share with you, as I am now completely better from my cold bug!! I was determined on Sunday that I was going to find my motivation again for working on side projects and Hats from the Heart! My house may or may not have gotten cleaned though LOL :) First hat up was just too cute not to make up for a young lady with the upcoming Valentine's day holiday! It is a Heart ear flap beanie and I found the pattern over at Classy Crochet and I just absolutely ADORE the hearts for the ear flaps!

The next hat I made was an orange and purple checked young man's beanie and the colors put me in mind of the Phoenix Sun's or the Clemson colors. I am by no means a huge sports fan, just think the colors go along nicely with those teams. :)  I found this pattern over at Hooked on Crochet , a very nice blog that I hope the blogger is able to continue in her own time.


I think this orange would even be very pretty as just a basic beanie, but with a HUGE purple flower on it also, as a "girl's" version. We girl's have been known to get into the whole sports thing also ya know :)

Now I know this was a really short update, but I simply MUST get busy on my chocolate brown hat as I'm anxious to see if this is going to work for me or not. I leave you with an inspiring quote/picture by Helen Keller. It touched me, and maybe it will touch you also. Until my next update......May the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within....<3