Saturday, February 1, 2014

Trying to get out from "under the weather"

Good afternoon everyone! A small update for you today with a couple of new hats. My goal of updating more frequently and having great momentum so far this year kind of took a dive. :(  I have not been sick (meaning cold type bugs) in over 3 years, and I caught some one's cold bug and it has wiped me out, put me on the couch or in bed trying to fight it for going on two weeks now. So being "under the weather" has put my little mind in a creative slump, but I am trying hard to climb back out of that slump and get something done! I don't have time to be sick (as my body yells at me, MAKE time because you ARE sick)!

I received a little surprise in the mail a couple of days ago and it really made my day :) I received a thank you card from a lovely lady at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. To know that we touch the life of just ONE person makes me all kinds of happy, but to hear that our work touches the lives of so many, brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! Thank you to everyone involved in making <3 Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals <3 such a success in touching the lives of cancer patients!

I may not get a ton of comments on my little blog or maybe not a ton of followers, but that is okay, I know that it is read by the one's that are supposed to read it and I hope it touches their heart in the way that doing what I do touches my heart and those around me.

I have a couple of pictures of hats that I've made over the last couple of weeks, I know, I should have more done!!! LOL  And I'm WAY behind on my side projects too....arghhhhhhhhhh!! Okay, okay...I must focus on one thing at a time and before I know it, I will be caught up ROFL :D  Yep, that was hilarious even by my standards :)  Okay first up is a ladies ripple beanie that I made from a baby beanie pattern I found over at Toasty Frog and I think it turned out pretty darn nice! The beautiful deep turquoise flower has sequin's throughout that you just can't see from the picture.

Today, I started and finished a man's Bridge's beanie. I loved the color scheme, but I'm not altogether sure a man would :)  I found this pattern over at The Crochet Zombie along with quite a few other really cool looking hat patterns that I want to try my hand at, stay tuned for more of those!!

I would really like to maybe have a Journey Journaling get together at my house in the near future, but not sure who (other than my beautiful sister who lives closer than MD) would want to come and join in some creative fun. I don't have a really big house, but we would make room for anybody willing to join in being creative for a cause! :)  I will maybe put this out there on my Facebook to see if anyone would be interested also. Any body interested, email me.... :)

This is all the news I have for today, wow, it turned out to be a tad bit bigger than a "small update" huh? :)  Until my next update may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within....<3