Friday, January 17, 2014


Good afternoon all, a small update and a couple of new pictures for you. I promise I will get better at blogging this year LOL It is quiet here in my little home this afternoon, hubby and puppies are sleeping, daughter is at work for another I thought perfect time to update my blog!! :) 

I finally have a contact at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston TX! I have the address of where to ship everything and I am super EXCITED!! So after a few emails back and forth (better than snail mail, right?), we have decided to wait until the end of March/beginning of April to ship them. They have quite a few donations over the holidays and they have a storage challenge, so this will work out better for them and actually for me also! This will allow us to add more hats and they also have a need for the Journey Journals for the teens/young adults, so we will be adding those also! :)  Now isn't my excitement contagious? I'm hoping to make a few journals that are teen themed and such....and I know my sisters will also be helping me too. This will be an annual donation made around the same time of year. Now here is a question for you, my count is now way off, so how do I figure this one out? Do I still keep track of how many hats I am making altogether on a yearly January - November basis, or hmmm.. Yes, this is a puzzle, maybe hubby will help me figure it out when he wakes up!! :) Or feel free to offer suggestions in the comment section below!!!

Now on to some pictures of new hats! I created a little girl's big bow beanie, but somehow it turned out a little large for a little girl....Ooooooooooooooohhhhh, maybe this could be a teen/young adult hat!! I would most definitely wear it, it is adorable! I found the pattern for this one over at Hopeful Honey and absolutely loved how quick it worked up!


And then I made a little boy's aviator bomber beanie, it turned out so darn cute!! I LOVE how the fuzzy yarn looks, but it absolutely is not the most fun to work with LOL :D You can find this pattern over at The Sequin Turtle, what a cute name for a blog!! And this was easy peasy also!!!

The fuzzy yarn makes it look like fur, doesn't it?

I must post this and get moving on finding another hat to make! Until my next update (this one took two days to post because Google was not cooperating), may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within.....<3