Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Musings

Happy Sunday afternoon!! I'm feeling a little lazy after taking the necessary time this morning to clean my house, it was beyond needing it. I have a tendency to ignore the house cleaning when I'm focused on being creative :) And of course, the pups needed necessary attention also, their nails were extraordinarily long and our Yorkie's hair was way too long also. That meant Pedi's for both pup's and hair trim for the little one. What a busy day it has been, wait....I think I have been busy ALL weekend long! So, I guess I am okay with being lazy for the last half of my day :D

I was surfing the web in one of my "break time" moments and clicked on the website of Halos of Hope. WOW!! I was very proud of myself, because I could peruse their website and see the total of how many hats are donated to them or by them and not be discouraged at all. PROGRESS!! Maybe one day I will have that many hats to donate around the country, but for now, I'm okay with making a difference, no matter how small, in my little community and in Houston, TX. I am where I am supposed to be with this ongoing journey and I know that when it is time for our little group to grow, it will (and probably by leaps and bounds). So for now, I am beyond proud and happy to be in the place I am and doing what I can do to help and bring a smile to someone in need. :)

I was just counting up the children's hats that will be donated in the first week of April, and so far the total is 50 hats!!!! No Journey Journals yet, but this will change (as my sister is coming up to help me put some together) and I will keep you all informed of the total tally of both. I would love to have 10 more hats to add, but I know for myself that is kind of impossible for me to do with all of the many other things I have going on, especially when I HAVE to get some journals made to stuff in these boxes for Houston!

I DO have some pictures to share with you of some new didn't think I was just going to yammer in this update did you? LOL First up is 3 hats made by Ms. Deb, and I just LOVE all of them but especially the lace look on the multi hued hat and the fuzzy look of the brim on the pink hat :)

Next up is an adults swirl hat and my sis in MD said it reminds her of blue peppermint. Now I tried hard to follow a pattern that I found over at The Crochet Zombie and I started out pretty good, but by Row 4 I just simply could not make sense of the directions (my brain could have been on overload at that point), so I kind of did it on my own and feel that for not following the rest of the directions, it looks pretty darn good :)


And last but not least, is a child's Octopus hat that I threw together before starting my dreaded house cleaning LOL! This was a "pinspiration" with only a picture to look at (I just can't spend money on a hat or pattern when I know I can recreate it myself). I just love her curlicue tentacles!!

I WAS able to cut quite a few pieces of fabric to cover some journals with, but the wrists just will not allow me to squeeze that glue bottle this evening to put some together, so next weekend I will be the "Glue" queen and hopefully will not glue my fingers together ;) I am so happy that my creative slump is now over and I'm back into the swing of things, even if I am behind (this is normal for me, right?) in birthday and baby gifts LOL

Now I must bid you all adieu until my next flurry of activity produces some pictures for your viewing pleasure! May the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within.....<3