Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blessings of Generosity

Good afternoon all! I hope your Sunday is just as relaxing and semi~lazy as mine has been :) After an extremely long and busy Saturday, it is most welcome to just sit and get a new ladies hat started and just take my time doing household "chores". My sister came over yesterday and spent the night to help me create Journey Journals for our two boxes of child/young adult hats going to Houston TX. The best laid plans seem to always fall apart, because I had to drive all the way to Glendale to give my Baby Girl a ride to pick up her vehicle from the shop in Phoenix LOL  OMGness, I thought we were driving to Flagstaff!! ;)  No worries though we got it all done and then had a lovely lunch and visited the bead store in Tempe, oh my those beads are expensive...even more so than yarn! :/ Yes, my sisters and I are very creative, but boy do we have expensive hobbies!!! :D  We then sat for a bit and created half of our journals, then went birthday shopping for my beautiful Baby Girl, then back to create the remaining journals. Busy, busy, and even more BUSY!! :) I was sad to see her go home so early this morning and it always brings to mind my wish that my sisters lived closer together....

Other thoughts on my mind today....How blessed I am! I was able to talk to my sis in MD last night and she let me know that ladies/friends of hers that see my hats on her facebook page have been inspired to make hats and donate them to their local cancer centers/wards. I don't know how to put in words how deeply it touches me that I inspired someone else to make a difference also!!! <3 I am also extremely blessed to have generous people in my life, without their help I wouldn't be where I am and this is for my family, friend's and a few people I've never met before....Deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all of you who inspire, support, help, donate and encourage me on this wonderful journey!!

But, the feeling it gives you inside is amazing!!! <3

Now, I bet you thought I did not have anything to update you with huh? I do, I do!! I was able to finish my little Shark beanie finally, and it is cute!!! Yeah, I have no idea why I went on a "sea life" inspired binge for a couple of hats, but I did...I never question, I just go with it!! Here he is...Sammy the Shark...I was able to find this pattern over at Manda Nicole's Crochet Patterns and I just love him!!

Ahhhhhhh, LOOK at those teeth!!!! :D  He obviously has a great dentist!! ;) Ms. Deb has also created a beautiful spring colored hat (not that our Spring is very long) and I just love the combination of green and blue...

And lastly, here are all our creations of our Journey Journals, and the three beginning pictures were created by my sister in MD.

Hopefully you can see them, sometimes my phone camera doesn't do very well with the pictures, but it is definitely MUCH better than my little digital camera! :)

I am thinking that I will be creating a facebook account specifically for <3 Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals <3, as my little group page on my own account is getting rather large (30 members!! YAYYYYYY). I hope it will generate more traffic to the group and get the word spread farther. I know their are many groups out there that do the same thing our group does, but everyone has to start somewhere!! :)

OH, I just remembered....the tally of hats going to Houston TX is 51 hats and 15 Journey Journals! Hopefully next year the totals will be bigger! :) I will close my ramblings for now and get back to work on my ladies hat...until my next update, may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within....<3