Saturday, August 27, 2016

Beautiful things happen all around us

Happy Saturday afternoon to everyone, yes, it has been another 4 months without a single post from me :( I will honestly try my hardest to get better about posting in my blog, and working harder and getting some hats and journals done. I've not been sitting still by any means, I have done a couple of hats, a few journals and a whole lot of painting has been happening. I'm truly blessed and have endless gratitude for the gifts God has given me, now it's time to start getting back into my hats and journals and then hopefully donating them. I thought my long hiatus was completely done, but apparently it wasn't and I still feel like I'm struggling to get back in the groove of things. A trip to the ocean is approaching pretty fast (well, not fast enough for me)and maybe standing on the shore and listening to the waves crash and sing to my soul is what I am truly in need of :)

Our east coast division The Journey Continues has had some great things happening. We had to make a couple of changes, but hopefully now everything will be full of positivity and spreading of the love and kindness Hats from the Heart is known for :)My Sis Vicky has been creating some lovely journals and her friend Sherry has some pretty spiffy hats she's creating as well. Great things happening and on the horizon, I just feel it!! My endless gratitude goes out to everyone there and here who has helped us on our journey, whether it was a donation of supplies, helping make the hats and journals or just simply being supportive and inspirational, we truly are grateful for our journey including you all!!!

Oh my....I ALMOST forgot to share some exciting news of a personal nature (so yes, I will be doing my best at trying to keep up, but can't make promises lol)! My daughter is recently engaged to the love of her life wedding plans have commenced!!! So EXCITING!!!! Saturday evenings have become our "wedding planning" time, and though we've only had one so far (tonight is our second), this is truly a bonding time for me with my daughter and my son's girlfriend Taress!! Talk about some awesome bonding time with "my girls", it is FABULOUS!!!! Okay, okay...I've yammered on enough about my exciting news, how about some fantastic photo's of the wonderful hats and journals being created?

Here are the few that I have worked on in the past 4 months...I told you, I'm struggling LOL

And here is what The Journey Continues has been working on, such awesome creativity and beautiful work!!!!

And there you have it, everything that has been happening with our group since my last post, and I'm hoping this works as it seems to be giving me a challenge already (meaning, Google seems to be a little stupid right now). I encourage each and every one of you to spread the kindness....a smile, a kind word, a simple hug, or just a gesture can mean so much to the recipient. Let your light shine brightly for all to see and BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world. Until our next update, may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you Glow from Within...............<3