Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hiatus over...hopefully!

Happy Saturday everyone! A short hiatus was taken by myself, and so totally unsure of how that came about, but I'm back and hopefully the long wait between posts are over. I guess my creativity needed to be recharged and I had to take a short break in order to do that. Sometimes, my human frustrations get the best of me and I get discouraged, but I WILL NOT let them get the best of me....onward and upward!

I'm still shaking my head over where the time went, because apparently it flew by faster than what I thought....I've only posted one time this year and that just ain't right LOL!! I know I've been doing a lot of different things lately, painting, making bracelets, drawing, etc....and I think I needed that time to get myself refocused. I have never really "lost" my focus on making hats and journals, but one of my goals this year is to NOT be so hard on myself and beat myself up so badly that I feel rotten, so no more of that!!!

I do have some lovely new hats and journal pictures to share with you, so it won't be a totally picture-less post! I'm still trying to get back in the swing of things, so going is still a bit slow. I'm hoping by end of day today to have a little girl's Monster hat made and a decision made on what my next painting will be and who it shall be for. I successfully completed and delivered my first commissioned painting, it was a simple yet challenging piece! It taught me a couple of lessons, one being that just because it "looks" fairly easy to paint, does not mean it is! The other, and this is always a learning process here, PATIENCE!! I cannot express enough, how patience is needed when painting with oils LOL

I won't be too wordy today, as they seem to be escaping my mind faster than I can type today, and I type pretty darn imagine how fast the thoughts are flitting around in my head!!! We have some lovely hats made by The Journey Continues, our division over on the east coast, and a journal as well. The first pictures I will post from them is a lovely hat and journal created by my sister for her beautiful daughter in law, yes the horrid disease has stricken our family more than once, but our prayers go to her, she is a strong fighter and God has bigger plans for her than she knows!!

The next few were made by her lovely friend Sherry, and I just love the colors and simplicity of them all!

This beauty was made by Ms. Rebekah, the blue colors always speak to me!!

The next couple of photo's are the same hat, I made a removable rose so it could be worn two ways. This was made for my beautiful niece in law, such a brave, strong beautiful woman!!!

The remaining photo's are some children's hats and other journals that I have been working on. I truly LOVE what I do, it is such a wonderful feeling deep in my soul!

That's all for now folks, all the photo's of what has been done in the last 3 months. I'm STILL wondering where the time went? I will leave you with these thoughts: Always strive to do the best you can do, and be the best person you can be every day. We are ALL human and make mistakes, don't be too hard on yourselves and try to always BE KIND to all including yourself, we are all fighting battles of some kind!!! Much love to you all for your continued support of our ongoing journey, gratitude is felt deeply for you all! Until our next update, may the light of God's love touch your heart and help you to Glow from Within..........<3