Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcoming 2016!

Good evening all my faithful followers! Thank you for NOT giving up on me in 2015, I'm still here, and will continue to be until otherwise guided! Much love and gratitude for supporting us through and on our journey of bringing sunshine to a cancer patients life! 2015 was filled with lots of challenges, ups and downs and a few trips 'round on the merry-go-round of life, but we made it to another year! I was actually awake to welcome 2016 in this year, *GASP*, I know.....big shock, right? :) I make a few goals at the beginning of each new year, but have always chosen to keep them to myself. This year my goal is to be more positive, fill each day with smiles and laughter, be kind to all put in my path and just try my best every day to be a better person! I hope you will join me in becoming a better YOU, as well! Our goals don't have to be big, they can be many small goals made each reason to overwhelm ourselves with too many at once!

I've made a commitment to myself to "lighten" up on the self-critiquing as well. A year ago, I started on my journey of painting with acrylics or oils, and feel that I have come so far. I started out simply with a dandelion picture for over my bed (still have to frame it lol), then moved to sunflowers in oil for my beautiful sis in MD, then tried an abstract bass for my son....did a fabulous clouds and tree picture for my daughter, daisies for my sister in Mammoth and some butterflies for my beautiful MIL...I decided I wanted to do another painting for myself (doing something for myself is rare) a purple cloud background with a single white angel feather and just recently finished an angel picture for a dear friend. This journey is quite awesome, because as a little girl, I would sit on the floor and watch my mother paint and create fabulous pieces of art and wish for just a small amount of her talent. Flash forward to my adulthood...I have a fabulously talented little sister who is still doing college art classes, and I would see her art and find myself doing the same thing.....wishing for just a small amount of her talent. Here is what I have discovered............I don't need to wish for any of their talent because I HAVE MY OWN!! I just had to "wake" up and see that I am just as talented at painting as they are, and more than capable of creating beautiful pieces of art for my loved ones! Yep, I am now 48 years old and I still learn something new every single day. I hope I never stop learning because then how boring would that be?! I am blessed beyond belief with physical talents and spiritual talents. I hope you start a journey this year, and I hope that this journey leads you to discover your hidden talents and who you truly are as being, and your true purpose!

I do believe I have rambled probably enough, how about some pictures of some fabulous hats and journals?! I have a few from the beautiful ladies at The Journey Continues, our east coast division, and aren't they gorgeous?

And I have a few from my group as well, with a few journals thrown in the mix also!

My next hat will be a special request by my sister that I am unable to say who it's for at this time, just know that a lot of love will be going into this one....a lot of love goes into them all, but this one more so than usual.

I hope that my update finds you well and happy, make time for yourself and be the light in someones life today by just being kind...a smile, a ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on....until my next update, may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help each and every one of you to Glow from Within............<3