Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Good afternoon and Happy 4th of July to all, especially to our men and women who have fought and sacrificed so much for our continued freedoms! We owe them so much! Even with all of the nonsense going on in the world today, all of the negativity and hate that is being thrown about....I am still grateful I live in America and I have the freedom's that I do! Remember that when you are shouting your beliefs from every corner of facebook, that someone sacrificed themselves for you to continue to have that freedom! Remember to be kind to everyone, we are all fighting battles....maybe mine aren't as big as yours, but they are still battles and we are all human, spread the LOVE not the hate! I choose to remain positive and try to stay that way, I will stumble and fall sometimes, but I'm eternally grateful to my family and friends for helping me up! God bless each and everyone of us as we go about our daily lives, sending prayers and love to all who need it (and that is everyone of us)!

I apologize for missing a month of posting, but June was an exceptionally hard month and couple that with the fact that I seem to have fallen into a creative "slump". I am working on getting out of it by concentrating on journey journals for the moment and I seem to be doing pretty well with letting the ideas and creativity flow.

I just got back home from spending a few days with my sister and helping her do some of her day to day chores. Her hubby fell off the ladder and broke his hip creating double the work load for her. I only wish she lived closer so I could do more to help her! I may have only washed dishes, vacuumed one floor, and watered a few plants but I hope she was able to rest a little. It was a quiet drive home as it was fairly early, I did want to beat the traffic for the holiday.

I have a special request for a hat and journal for a cancer patient and I'm excited to get started! I have been bouncing a few ideas around in my head while working on a baby blanket (I seem to ALWAYS be working on a baby blanket, eh?)! I'm experimenting right now with some gesso for a journal cover and some stencils, not sure I will be happy with how it turns out but time will tell.

I do have some pictures to share with you from The Journey Continues ~ A division of Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals and a few also from myself. So even though progress may have slowed down, we are still making progress and EVERY hat and EVERY journal makes a difference in someones life!! No matter how slow we may be at times, we are still making a difference in this crazy world we live in.

Here are a couple from my sis Vicky that she donated to Relay for Life, such an awesome cause that she participates in every year, so very proud of her!

And the next few were created by Rebekah, just love the creativity of the journals and hats from them both!

The next few journals and hats were created by me. I really tried thinking "outside of the box" and using paints and paper and buttons instead of just store bought embellishments, not too bad for a first attempt at that, I think. :)

That is all of the creations I have for you on this update, but I'm hoping to have more in a couple of weeks. I'm patiently (well, impatiently) waiting for this gesso to dry, I really, really want to experiment with my paints and such LOL! I'm off to go create something (hopefully not trouble), have a blessed and safe 4th of July everyone! Until my next update may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within.................<3