Saturday, May 2, 2015

Oh, OOOPSSSS....I lost a month!

Good morning to you all, I hope this beautiful Saturday finds you happy and well. I cannot believe I have totally lost a month, omgness!! I was so proud of myself for at least updating my blog once a month, and here I go and mess that all up by completely losing a whole has left me wondering where on earth the month of April went! I was incredibly busy....let's see, my daughter's birthday celebration, her boyfriend's police academy graduation celebration, an impromptu visit to my sister's.....LOL I did manage to get hats and journals created in my "spare" time, but unfortunately updating my blog fell off of my radar :( My apologies for that, still trying to do better at updating even though it seems life has a tendency to get in my way.

I have found that I am having a bit of struggle right now, and I can only attribute it to life's stressors. We are going on month 5 of my hubby being unemployed and it is incredibly frustrating to know that he is sending out a multitude of resume's and applying for jobs, and NOTHING is happening! :(  I have faith and I believe in the power of prayer, I continue to stay positive and try and keep him that way, but unfortunately I think the energy I am giving to him to keep him motivated and "up" is taking a little bit away from my "creativity", or maybe it's the fact that I'm having a hard time finding the spare energy necessary to work on my projects is a more appropriate way of explaining it. I want to, but I find I'm just so tired that I may work on something and then just lose the energy half way through. I am a very determined woman, however, and I WILL persevere! I KNOW that God has a plan and that the "right" job will come along for him when it is supposed to, I only wish it would HURRY UP already LOL :)

Now despite life's "bumps", do you ever just sit and wonder "Am I truly happy and at peace"? This exact question crossed my mind a couple of weeks ago, and I sat and truly thought about it. I can honestly say (despite my honey being jobless), that YES I am truly happy and at peace. Both of my kids are happy and healthy and have wonderful significant other's, and my honey and I are still "in love" going on 26 years now. How many people can say that? He is my soul mate and I can't imagine my life without him making me laugh at his antics or smile through tears of sadness, he makes fun of me when I cry while watching some of our television shows, but he wouldn't have me any other way. I took this as a very high compliment from him the other day.....we were watching Ghost Whisperer the other day, and he turned to me and said "you are like her (Melinda), you cry a lot". :) I don't know who the writers are on that show, but they did an amazing job and for my hubby to say that to me touched me because that means he notices that I'm a sensitive person that expresses herself through the emotion of tears whether they are happy or sad :) I have been told by a few friend's/family that my morning Facebook posts are very positive and they love that I am that way and they look forward to seeing them in everyday, this touches me beyond belief because if I can just touch one person's heart a day, maybe I have helped someone be happy or smile, that makes it all worth it!

I think I have probably "rambled" enough this morning, so you are probably wondering by now...come on, are there any pictures of hats and journals? YES there are!!! My Pirate Owl hat turned out so darn ADORABLE!!! Several of my children's hats this year were made without a pattern and just the inspiration of a picture to look at, and I'm truly proud of that accomplishment!

And here are pictures of the Journey Journals we have been creating! My daughter and Mom helped us create some of these journals too, so grateful for the additional help, it's always fun creating things together!

My sister in MD just received a nice size donation of yarn for The Journey Continues ~ A Division of Hats from the Heart, and the donations are so appreciated! Though the progress may seem slow to some in our east coast division, it is still progress! Each donation received goes toward making hats and journals for cancer patients, and each hat and journal made goes to someone battling this horrible disease. Do not be discouraged because progress is slow, be encouraged because progress is being made with every single hat made and every single journal created <3 Endless gratitude to Sherry and Donald Gross and Mary Fazenbaker for their generosity and kindness for the yarn donation, you make a difference in the world and to each patient we help!

I leave you with this thought.....we are all born with an unlimited supply of love, make a difference in someone's life today by sharing a smile, a hug, and kindness because we are all fighting a battle of some type! Until my next update, may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to Glow from Within......<3