Sunday, August 23, 2015

Where did I lose my motivation?

Good afternoon all! As my title suggests, I have lost my motivation, inspiration, umph....I'm not sure where exactly I lost it, but I've been searching for it everywhere!! I have been struggling since June to try and get out of a creative slump that I seem to be in right now, and I can only pray it will lift SOON!! I miss being able to work on my hats and journals, and I do not want to put any type of negativity in them at all, so when I just feel "blah", I can't justify working on them. I want there to be joy, happiness and love in the hats and journals I make so that the receiver is filled with that positivity! Perhaps, now that things may be on the "upswing" in my personal life again, I can start focusing my energy on my group again. We all struggle with day to day battles in our lives, we just must try harder to not let them get the best of us. Perhaps, now that one particular battle is won, I can move forward in my journey to bring joy and sunshine to the recipients of our hats and journals! <3

We had some slight challenges with The Journey Continues, but hopefully those challenges have been resolved for the better and we won't need to revisit them any time soon! I have a really great friend who is often heard saying "It's all in God's timing", and I am now often repeating that to myself and also that God knows what He is doing, so whatever happens is supposed to! Here are some recent beautiful creations by my sis Vicky and Rebekah.

The first set of hats were created for a beautiful soul who recently was diagnosed with cancer and my sis made her young daughter a matching hat. She also created the beautiful journal below for the same beautiful lady.  The last beautiful hat above was created by Rebekah for some beautiful little girl, I just love pastel colors, and feel you can never go wrong with mixing any of those colors together.

You know, I'm always amazed when I start to update my blog, and though I may feel as I have done next to nothing as far as making hats or journals, I truly have quite a few made. The first set of pictures was made and sent to a lady in West Virginia as a special request.

The next set was made and sent to Florida as a request/donation. Now when I say that, what I mean is this: A beautiful lady in Florida collected and donated 52 skeins of yarn last year for her birthday. This year, she has a dear friend who was diagnosed again with cancer so her request was for 53 encouraging cards to be sent for her friend as her "birthday" gift to herself. So, in addition to the card, I made a journal and hat also for her. If you would like to send a card, please send me a message and I will send the information to you.

The next hat was made for a coworkers sister who was diagnosed, but who has chosen quality of life over quantity. I made this next hat and gave a journal that I had already previously made before. My prayers go out to her and hope she is able to make it back "home" before God calls this angel home.

The next few are not special requests, but are all special because they will all go to brighten a cancer patients life!

I started working on a man's hat today, but couldn't get the pattern to work out, so that work is still under way. I have stated that God keeps our group small for a reason, even if I do not know what the reason is, I am grateful for the blessings He has given me. I am thankful for those of you who continue to follow our journey, even when it seems our journey may have stalled. Much love to each and every one of you for your support and your inspiration! Until my next update, may God bless you with the light of His love and help you to Glow from Within <3