Sunday, December 14, 2014

I will not give up...

As this evening finds me perusing the internet in search of my next hat to make, it occurs to me that the internet is chock FULL of blogs that are never updated. Time seems to fly faster as I get older, and it tends to get away from me, before I know has been over a month and a half since my last update! :(  I thought about it many, many times, but that thought sometimes is so fleeting that I barely catch a glimpse before it has flown out the same window it flew in.  As my title suggests, I will not give up posting, even if it seems like it at times. I will not give up making hats and journals, even when I can not seem to find time in this crazy life to sit down and crochet one row. One hat and one journal at a time will make a difference in someone's life, and I will continue on despite the obstacles that sometime appear in my path! Onward and upward, forward ho and all of that jazz!! :)

It has been very busy, hence the reason I am so late in posting a blog update (so sorry). We have had Thanksgiving, and now Christmas is a week and half away! The year has flown by so very fast, but it has been productive for our little group. My hubby and I, along with my beautiful Mother in law, will be traveling north to Show Low next Saturday to deliver our donation of hats and journals. There are over 70 hats and about 50 journals. I would love to have the same amount of journals, but we will do what we can do and that's all we can hope for. I always put a great deal of pressure on myself to get as many done as I can, because I know that it makes a difference in someone's life....but as my sister says, "you are only one person". I'm super EXCITED to be donating them to Summit Healthcare Center in Showlow and so eternally grateful to Barbara Bruce for all of her help in facilitating this donation! I've included her blog, take a gander, it is beautiful reading (wish I could write like her)!

Now before this blank screen gets any whiter, and my brain gets any emptier of the thoughts flying through....Let me share some pictures of the last bit of hats and journals making their way north this coming weekend.. :)

There they all are, in random order with a hat thrown in every now and again LOL :D We had fun making the journals, but then we ALWAYS have fun anytime we get together and start creating! Our Mom was able to create some also, and there are many varied kinds....elaborate, busy, childish (for those of us who will always be children at heart), sweet, fun and even inspirational ones. Got the urge to create with us yet? I promise it will be fun and worth every single second!

I have been busy with children's hats as well, but I will wait to share the photo's with you in this blog until my next update (maybe it won't take me as long to update that way ;) ?) This update isn't real "newsy", but I kid you not, I sat down and my mind totally went blank *sigh*. Well, until my next update....may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help you to......Glow from Within <3