Saturday, November 8, 2014

Discovering who you are

Good morning all! I hope this Saturday finds you all well and happy! :)  As my title suggests, discovering who you really are can take a lifetime, or no time at all. I'd like to think that it hasn't been a whole lifetime for me, but 47 is kind of "late in life" lol. I learn more about myself every day, and hope the journey of self discovery continues until my ticket has been punched and it is time for me to greet my loved one's on the other side. I've often said, I'm not extremely religious, everyone has their own belief's and that's what makes the world go around, but I am spiritual. I do believe in God, prayer and faith. I don't believe that you HAVE to go to church to get to heaven, and that what matters most is how you live your life. I'm no angel by any means, I have horrid habits that I would like to break, I'm sometimes mean when I have no intentions of being mean, I can be very short tempered, critical...the list could go on and on with my faults. I like to believe that at the core, I am a good person with a big heart and a huge capacity to love. My son once said to an ex-girlfriend who was really nervous to meet my spouse and I..."My Mom loves everyone". That touches me deeply, because I do...unless you give me a reason not to. I'm as real and honest as it gets (sometimes to a fault), I don't sugar coat anything LOL!

So on this journey of self discovery, I have learned that I'm extremely introverted....look it up, it isn't all bad :)! I have a strong believe in anything "paranormal", spirits, angels, aura's, the power of crystal's and the moon, astrological signs, etc. I am a work in progress, with many lessons yet to learn. A couple of recent lesson's for example.....Walking away when the chaos/noise is out of my control and I can do nothing to change it, wow, THIS one is hard and will forever be one that is constantly worked on!! The second lesson was HUGE, and I can tell you that it was almost like a slap in the face (as in WAKE UP blondie)! Those of you who follow my blog, know that in June we lost our Coco, who was just the sweetest puppy, her physical absence is still so hard to deal with. Well, since that time, I have been unable to even look at an owl's picture, let alone hear one hooting at night, it was always a knife in the heart. Someone I consider a good friend who is also a medium, with the help of our Coco from the other side, pointed out that the biggest lesson to learn is "forgiveness" and without it I would become "stuck". Well, talk about the light bulb going off over the head!! I felt I had learned this lesson pretty well, for humans. I had no idea that I should be learning this lesson for animals too! That owl was doing what it does, and how wrong of me to NOT forgive it for taking away our precious puppy. :( Things happen the way they do for a reason, and even though the lesson is horribly difficult, we still must learn it and be grateful for the blessing of the lesson. It is our cross to bear on how quickly we learn the lesson, or if it must be repeated until we do. Since this lesson, I am more at peace and can look at a picture of an owl again and appreciate it's beauty, even if the beauty is deadly, for all of God's creatures great and small are beautiful!

I must now take the opportunity to ask for prayers of peace and comfort to my surrogate second family who is going through a difficult time right now. Cancer affects us all, as I have said many, many times. My heartfelt prayers go to them as they go through what they are going through, May her journey be peaceful, and may you always know that she will be around you ALWAYS. Also sending prayers of peace and comfort to friends and family members of little Haley who recently lost her battle with cancer. She touched many hearts while she was here, and her influence is still being felt! Holding Hands for Haley ALWAYS Please remember these two families in your prayers and all those going through trials and tribulations of life in general.

Now, I do have some beautiful pictures to share with you of what we have been up to, even if I have a hard time finding time to update, I'm still busy! Please enjoy the next few pictures of some hats and journey journals!

The last beauty was created this morning for a friend's Mom who I know is receiving chemo treatments. Our total for adult hat's is at 70 right now. I will be starting to work on children's hats from here on out, until donation in April for those. I'm still working on getting our Journey Journal count up for the adult donation which will happen in December hopefully. Now, this year we will be donating to Summit Healthcare in Showlow AZ due to unforeseen challenges at our local MD Anderson. My contact is no longer there, and upon emailing them to coordinate the donation, I was told that handmade items were on hold indefinitely until a policy had been put into place regarding infection control. I don't know about ya'll, but I would think, as big as they are and as many donations they receive, that this policy would have already been in place....but the recent Ebola scare worldwide has thrown a monkey wrench into our normal donation routine. Never fear, I have been guided to donate to another place and I believe it will do the most good there anyway.

I should probably stop rambling and get busy taking care of a few things around my poor neglected house LOL! Have a blessed day everyone and until my next update...........may the light of God's love touch each and every one of you and help you to Glow from Within....<3