Saturday, December 27, 2014

As the year draws to a close

Good Morning to all! As the year is quickly drawing to a close, it always brings reflection on the past year. It has been a wonderful year, with all it's happy moments and challenges included! The challenges have helped us grow to be better people (I hope for most, this rings true) and perhaps a little kinder to one another.  We reflect on who we were and who we want to be, we reflect on our wins and on our losses, we reflect on what's in our hearts and what's in our souls. The past year we have had our share of wins and loss, I've watched too many friends go through the pain of losing a loved one to the hereafter, but I know they are just on the other side waiting for us. I've met a few of the most wonderful people with hearts as big as the sky. I've shared laughter and I've shared tears. I've watched my wonderful children grown a year older and maybe a little wiser. I have felt my faith tested, but have prevailed with stronger faith and prayers. May the new year bring us all happiness, peace and more love than we can ever fathom!

I was privileged to be able to make our adult hats and Journey Journals donation to the Summit Healthcare Cancer Center in Showlow, the Saturday before Christmas, and I was blessed to have my husband and my beautiful Mother-in-law at my side. They treated us to a wonderful lunch at Licano's Steakhouse (which was not necessary in the least) and I'm truly blessed to have met such a great group of people!

The center is still under construction as you can see from the first picture, and the second picture shows what it will look like on the inside when completed. They are treating patients there presently and they are anxiously awaiting the completion of the center. Please click the above link for more information and how you can help!

I was finally able to meet the most beautiful and wonderfully kind Barbara Bruce, I am so blessed to have had her help in facilitating this donation! What a fantastically awesome lady! <3 

My sister, daughter and I were able to create over 70 hats and 50 Journey Journals to donate! We are now concentrating on children's hats for the Houston donation in April/May. I feel like I'm kind of "behind" on my children's hats, but now that the holidays are behind us (with the exception of New Year's, which I really don't do anything for anyway), I will be working nonstop on catching up! Here are 7 hats completed so far....

I so enjoy creating these little hats!! I have gotten the impression that the need for Journey Journals are greater because there are lots of people that donate hats and blankets and shawls, but the journals seem to be unique to our little group. I just can't seem to give up creating the beautiful hats that we create though, so I will continue to do both!! :)

I hear another little hat calling my name to find and get busy creating, so I will leave you for now...I send my prayers to each and every one of you for a blessed New Year and may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help each of you.....................Glow from Within <3