Sunday, September 29, 2013

I love Fall!

I just absolutely LOVE fall and the cooler temperature's it brings! Yes, we do have fall in AZ, just not so much that you can actually "see" changing of leaves unless you travel to the northern part of AZ. It is just beautiful in the mornings and you just want to sit on your patio and enjoy it and watch the hummingbirds as they fly busily about getting ready to migrate south. I hope ours don't migrate, but I will enjoy them until they do. At the start of my vacation, I spent the night at my sister's and when we got up the next morning (amidst trying to get the car packed), we took the time to feed the hummingbirds from our hand! It is the MOST amazing feeling (other than giving of yourself to others) to have a little hummingbird land on your hand to feed ~ I was blessed to have the same one land on my hand 3 times!!!! :) Here is a photo for you to enjoy!

So hard to stand still because you are so excited by it!!! While on vacation I was also blessed with a dragonfly on my thumb, that picture is a little blurry so you will have to just take my word on it LOL Yes, that was pretty cool and amazing too!!

I was able to get 3 hats completed this past weekend, but unable to get to any Journey Journals. I just simply ran out of time, it waits for no one that is for sure! A really great friend stopped by for a visit on Friday and brought me a donation of journaling "stash" as I like to call it :). I am surrounded by the most amazing people in my life, whose kindness knows no bounds! Thank you Mo from the bottom of my heart for always giving freely to this project that means so much to me! <3 

Can hardly wait to dig in and make some Journey Journals, maybe next weekend I can devote some time to the journals! I still have a couple of hats and a baby blanket to get done as side projects for family and friends (when do I NOT have side projects happening?). On to my new creations.

This is a ladies winter white slouch hat with just a touch of color that I finished up on Friday evening. I found this pattern over at Meladora's Creations and she has a ton of great patterns. The picture does not do this hat any justice, because the white yarn has a sparkly thread running throughout.

The next two hats I created were with a Halloween theme in mind, because this is just my favorite holiday! It may come from never having the opportunity to dress up and go trick~or~treating on Halloween as a child, but I just love this time of year. I do have to dig out my Halloween village and get it set up and decorate too!!! And who doesn't love candy corn?? SQUEEEEEALLLL!!! :D 

Or Frankenstein???? The below pattern was found over at A Chicks with Sticks blog and the above pattern, I am sorry to say that I forgot to grab the link on that pattern. I did add a bow on the Candy Corn hat to make it for a girl, and the buttons for the bolt's on Frankenstein's neck were originally blue LOL I bought a silver sharpie and my daughter colored them for me and I then spray glazed them and voila....bolts on the neck!!! :)

I will sincerely try my best to always add a link to where I find the pattern's for these hats, but sometimes I will forget to grab the link, for this I offer my sincere apologies to those that have allowed me and others to use their patterns! And my heartfelt gratitude for being allowed to use them for the creating and giving of these hats!

I must get busy and find a man's hat to make, and fold some clothes and prepare for the coming work week (it is Monday tomorrow already?). Until my next update may the light of God's love touch your heart and help you to Glow from Within...<3