Sunday, July 21, 2013

A few new hats for you.

Good evening all! I have been remiss in posting for a couple of weeks, for that I apologize. Just not sure if it was the heat or if I was in a creative slump, but just couldn't seem to get any hats made. We have been blessed with some monsoon activity and it has relieved the heat to a certain degree. The rain (when we get it) and the winter in AZ reminds me of why I live here year after year, oh and the fact that my wonderful hubby and kids live here too LOL :)

On to some creations by a lovely lady, Debbie, who has graciously offered to help make hats for <3 Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals <3. I just love the colors and the simplicity of them, because not everyone wants a hat that has embellishments, stripes or flowers. For some, simple is the best way to go! Here are three of her lovely hats, aren't they FABULOUS?

Now I know for myself, I get bored very easily, so I have to learn new stitches and keep them interesting for me. I LOVE all kinds of colors and I just really enjoy looking at a picture or pattern and bringing it to life under my crocheting fingers. If I follow a pattern, I do try to make it my own in some small way, or somewhere in it, I have made a mistake and it becomes my own LOL!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am totally addicted to the Pinterest website, so I get a lot of my ideas from there. When I am able to find them with pattern's attached I am thrilled, because creating without a pattern is a big challenge for me. With that being said, I have posted some hat pictures that I call "pinspirations" (I picked this term up from my little sister) and this next hat is one of these "pinspirations". This is a little girl's Chicky ear flap hat, and I am so proud of myself for making the pom pom's!!! What do you think?

I wanted to make a couple of Journey Journals this weekend, but unfortunately, I was unable to get them done. Perhaps I may be able to make some next weekend. I was able to create a ladies Slouchy hat yesterday, and I finished it up this morning. I found this pattern over at Knot Your Nana's Crochet . I do really like her blog and try to follow it on a regular basis, as there are some pretty nifty "freebies" over there. :) Here is my version of her slouchy hat.

Now I guess I must be bidding you Good Evening as it seems as though I am having technical difficulties with blogging. I hope that my blog finds everyone in good health and spirit, and may the light of God's love help you all to Glow from Within....<3