Saturday, February 16, 2013

Two more hats to add.

Good Morning all! :) It is still dark outside my window and I am busily working on a child's Mardi Gras hat. I realized that it is not only the month for Valentine's Day and Heart Disease Awareness, but also Mardi Gras started also! So because I wanted to do a little boy's hat, but really didn't want to make another Valentine's themed hat, I decided to try my hand at a Mardi Gras themed hat. So far I'm loving the colors, deep purple, deep green and lemony yellow. I love the colors so much, that my mind is whirling around making an afghan for myself in these colors and putting maybe some beads throughout, but finding the time to do it is completely another story! :D So my last creation was Valentine themed, but I chose to go with purple, what do you think?

The pink heart button in the middle was made by my little sister out of some sort of dough or clay. She is thinking of doing a guest tutorial blog on here to show how to make them. :) I would also at some point like to do a tutorial on making the Journey Journals.

My beautiful niece (who moved to Missouri, I miss her and her family so much!) made a "bookworm" hat for our project. This is her first hat of the year for <3 Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals <3. With the move to Missouri, she has so been so busy packing, etc that things have been kind of crazy for her! I am so glad things have slowed down a little bit for her and they are happily settling in to their new life! Here is her first contribution of the year.

I just love the little worm, he is just adorable! And, of course, I am a totally nerdy bookworm!! I just love getting lost in a good book! No, I really don't ever want one of those "Kindles" or "Nooks", because I LOVE the smell of books and turning the pages. To me it is just magical to get lost in the characters of a well written book, my escape from the reality of this sometimes harsh world we live in.
I hope to maybe have a couple of Journey Journals done this weekend, as well as, the Mardi Gras hat I am working on. I am running kind of late on birthday presents AGAIN! I get so caught up on making beanies, that I forget birthdays (even though I have a calendar with them all written in) coming up and end up rushing to get something done. Ah well, I am so happy that the people in my life understand that to me this takes priority over everything else LOL! I guess that means I better sign off and get busy on this hat while I can, as I must clean in few hours and get ready to have the "kids" over for a barbecue. :)  Until my next update, may the light of God's love help you to Glow from Within.....<3