Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lull's in creativity

Happy Saturday morning all! :)  I am hard at work on an Elmo hat this morning, but wanted to take a small break an update my blog, as I have been remiss in doing so AGAIN! Nope, you guessed it, I forgot to add the reminder to my phone LOL I have had a small "lull" in my creativity and I am determined to get it going again this weekend, I had a couple of great ideas yesterday, so I think maybe my small vacation from creativity is done, FINALLY!! I really dislike when my mind decides to take a creativity break like that, but I guess it is necessary sometimes in order to recharge.

A lot has been going on with our group Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals, WE HAVE EXPANDED to the East Coast in Maryland! It all started because my Sis wanted me to facebook friend a friend of hers who is making hats for cancer patients (special requests right now) as well and she needed some encouragement. She is new to crocheting (and doing a FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL job on every hat she makes), and like me, is critical of herself and her creations. In the midst of these "chat" conversations, God gave me the inspiration to open a chapter in Maryland that my Sis and Rebekah (my new friend) could operate and donate hats and journey journals there. So I spoke to my Sis and we agreed that this was an EXCELLENT idea!! So our Maryland chapter is known as "The Journey Continues ~ A Division of Hats from the Heart". I have added them to our page on facebook Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals so they can post pictures of their creations and donations. This is EXCITING stuff!!! Rebekah's hats are simply beautiful and wonderful, and my Sis is even making some cool loom hats and crochet (waiting to see her first crochet hat) hats too (I'm so proud of her). My Sis makes some pretty fabulous Journey Journals, mine are so simple compared to hers!! We are making a difference one hat and one journal at a time! The following pictures are some hats and journals created by my Sis Vicky and my friend Rebekah for The Journey Continues, and a picture of the two lovely ladies!!

Now how AWESOME are those??? Pretty darn awesome if you ask me!! I also have pictures to share of some of my own creations and my older Sister's creations a little later.

This year has started out with a lot of people I know or friend's of friends passing to the other side. My heart felt prayers continue to go to them as they struggle with the loss of the physical presence of their loved ones. Most of us know that they are ALWAYS with us in spirit form, but it does not ease the pain of the physical loss much or make it any easier. Remember them always and look for the little signs that tell you they are near always. May you have peace and comfort knowing that they are waiting to welcome you home with open arms when it is your time. <3

My hubby is still in search of a job, there have been a couple of start and stops, but we will get there eventually when the time is right! This last job that he did a "training" day on and then the next day started to go to work, and if it had not been for the driver next to him blowing his horn (and his guardian angels), he would have been in a horrible accident and could have ended up killing the person on the motorcycle in front of him and himself because he fell asleep behind the wheel. I do not tell you this because I want sympathy or attention, I tell this because I want to make everyone that I can aware of how very short life is, and how we should love and appreciate everyone for the time they are here. I came very, very close to possibly losing my soul mate that night/morning and I'm so very grateful that it was NOT his time and God and his angels protected him and those around him from harm. Don't take for granted even one single precious moment, they can be lost in an instant!

Now here are a few photo's of hats and journals that I created, as well as, some loom hats my Sister created. I LOVE them all!!!

There you have it, all of our beautiful creations since my last update! Yes, even though I have creative "lulls", I still manage to have lots of pictures of what has been done! Maybe long periods between updates is a good thing?! LOL  Not in my mind, so I am still working on this little challenge of mine and I will work harder at getting updates to you more frequently!!! Please feel free to comment, share and visit us over on our facebook page Hats from the Heart/My Journey Journals so you don't miss a thing! Comments keep us encouraged and motivated ;) A HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to Sandy who ALWAYS comments on our posts, much love to you for keeping me motivated and encouraged even through my "lulls"!! Until my next update, may the light of God's love touch your heart and soul and help each one of you to...........Glow from Within <3